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This is from a Lil Wayne who is one of the biggest rappers day you could argue he's the biggest he is a big backer fan made the song of green and yellow take awful Wiz Khalifa's black in yellow in the Packers won the Super Bowl about a decade ago Lil Wayne actually when he was twelve years old had his life saved by a white police officer I have my life was saved when I was young I was make twelve something I think shot myself I would say about a white cop welcome back so you have to understand from there for yet and stand the way I view police period I was saved by white khaki there was a bunch of black cabs jumped over me when they saw me at the door land on the floor with a hole in my chest he refused to those black has jumped over Miranda recruitment say we found a gun we phone is the phone that he said I found his baby on the floor I need to get to a hospital he didn't wait for an ambulance he took his car he may somebody drive it he may should I live here for did that officer as uncle Bob now we did go on in that segment from his podcaster SiriusXM radio show I'm not exactly which sure which to talk about the problem he grew up in New Orleans and the problem of the jump out boys the police officers who would just jump out of their car whenever they would pull over a black man and he went on to tell a story about how a white pilot flying Lil Wayne's personal plane screamed at him to get out of the cockpit one Lil Wayne was like dude I own the plan the pilot called the police on him the police obviously realized Hey this is Lil Wayne this Lil Wayne's plane will land can kind of do what he wants to be Swiss sent on his merry way so what Wayne is always said is that yes there is racism in America I personally have not really experienced it I understand what's going on but again to suggest that all black people I hate the police want to define the police want to dismantle the police that's teetering on quite frankly racism let's go to Jim listening in the Sauk bill up first on the Dan o'donnell show today good morning Jim yeah good morning yeah a couple things and I wanna I mentioned before this term systemic really bothers me and I'm going to kind of play off of that in terms of what Amir off said and the other thing that bothers me is that he seems to be such a lone voice and I'm wondering if it isn't because the focus is so much the whole of women leading the police force just won't work but rather talking for the basis for why that's being proposed and what I'm talking about is that one of the criticisms of black lives matter forever has been that they haven't cared about the day to day things going on in the black community and specifically all the black people dying in the level of crime they just don't care about that and I think that's why Republicans at all our soul afraid of talking about this why did that stop when we do approach this is to point out that it's utterly logical that they would be probably proposing that's because they only want to be judged on the number or limiting the number of black people killed by cops but not the rest of the black lives of crime going on and I think that's what I think it would give a great opening if Republicans and for that matter conservative celebrities if they would speak to that because I think that really exposes them D. cities that have Jim great call thank you that have the most issues with black victimization are all cities that Democrats have run for decades every single one of them and it is shortsighted and myopic but what it is for Democrats is a great way of as you said changing the subject focusing on something that they can use to galvanize voters I don't think it's a coincidence that every single time there's a presidential election or a mid term election for the past boy oh boy decade almost there is been some form of racial conflict you can go all the way back to I guess it's about eight years twenty fourteen even before that twenty thirteen or it might have even been twenty twelve I can't remember which Trayvon Martin to Freddie gray and of course Michael brown in Ferguson Missouri in twenty fourteen twenty sixteen Milwaukee Wisconsin the Sherman park riots now twenty twenty Democrats believe they can galvanize the black vote that they can improve on their truly disastrous showing amongst black voters in twenty sixteen that was the real reason that Hillary Clinton lost turnout especially in black communities was down significantly so what they do is they say okay Republicans based support what we presumed to be the enemy of black people the police it's rather bigoted assumption to just say or well all black people must agree with this because the color of their skin with what do we ever say all white people support the police we are safe the white voters think no of course not but it is Jim a distraction from the film all of the failed cities all of the cities that have out of control crime black poverty black education systems that have just been destroyed children who can't read at a basic level they've all been run by Democrats everywhere there is black despair there again Democrats and usually white Democrats in charge I put together a couple of days ago a list of all of the cities that are corrupted in protest in violence and the year that they last had a Republican mayor you ready for this Memphis.

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