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Can listen to our stream live or in rewind mode find the latest podcast and all the key news stories of the day WBBM news time wait traffic and weather together on the H. as we say good evening to Abby Ryan good evening Roger the inbound side of the Eaton's lake cook to the Kennedy junction it's nineteen Kennedy out of the airport you've got a twenty minute ride inbound twenty two tight as you approach the Jane Byrne interchange now the here extensions okay Eisenhower outbound it is clear sixty minute ride to Mannheim in twenty nine to route three ninety invent thirty to take from David the Jane Byrne interchange nineteen M. from Anaheim your Steven said looking good either way starting at nine o'clock though the overnight construction pops up on the inbound side fifty five days okay north and south found the right out to ninety fifth fifteen inbound seventeen take from Roosevelt of the Jane Byrne interchange fifty seven Ford are clear lake shore drive northbound it's heavy from division to fuller ten all because of the zoo lights tonight the roads around as you are also busy tristate Jane Adams and Reagan are fine veterans three fifty five on the southbound side the exit ramp to I. eighty westbound that is shut down because of an earlier crash on I. eighty westbound head everything shut down between at three fifty five and route thirty with the rollover semi and hazmat clean up northwest Indiana not bad in old town the whole state is still close from willow to North Avenue water may break there from this morning consider Elston or Larabee instead as an alternate X. traffic reported eighteen on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM the W. B. B. M. accu weather forecast tonight mostly cloudy for time early than partial clearing turning much colder hello if.

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