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Days that week we certainly are thank you NBC radio national correspondent bills in for jury deliberations have begun on Long Island in the case of a man accused in an accident that killed a young boy scout Thomas Murphy faces up to twenty five years in prison if he's convicted of killing twelve year old aunt to move Morris while driving drunk the five week long trial has included dramatic testimony from of Morris's father who witnessed the crash in addition the defense questioned the accuracy of birth these blood alcohol tests and last week because of that discrepancy for charges were thrown out with his attorneys claiming he might not have been as drunk as the district attorney claimed I'm Lisa G. W. O. or noon day after New York state allowed illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses the New Jersey Legislature is sending a bill to the governor's desk to allow illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses in New Jersey democratic governor Phil Murphy says he supports the plan which would set up a two tiered license system proponents of the measure say would help improve safety on the roads of the state more than a dozen states have similar programs and speaking of driving let's see how difficult it is this morning we got our traffic down with forty five bring in the garden state parkway approaching exit one forty five there is an accident that the exit for two eighty reportedly two lanes are blocked and on the deacon south on a lease are subject to closure now between west two hundred thirty street and Fordham road this is where we have an overturned truck you're also going to be busy on the beach we on the westbound side not only is there flooding but there's also crash there I into northern Boulevard the right lane is blocked off so traffic back from the Grand Central and the LA he's busy on the westbound side into the band with also stop on bandwidth by jewel Avenue a separate crash being reported in that area the good news is if you're heading for the Hudson River crossings are all in pretty good shape right now all his have the street parking rules are in effect our next topic updates coming up in ten minutes on seven ten W. O. R. itself five forty one in just a moment we'll check the weather forecast see about the smell of the ice in the sleet and all and nasty stuff out there also check on sports.

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