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I'm Amy king. Live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. President Trump has suspended plans to impose tariffs on Mexico now that an immigration deals, been reached Trump tweeted Mexico is agreed to take strong measures to hold the flow of Central American migrants into the US Trump says almost six thousand Mexican troops will take up positions at that country's southern border. The tariffs were slated to kick in Monday, if there was no deal. Mexico's president is scheduled to visit Tijuana wanted today for a political rally. That's expected to be a celebration of the new agreement. The trade war with China has created more buzz for beekeepers around southern California hunting sales have been sweets as the US impose tariffs on China, and that's really good for the be the Bill Lewis who runs bills bees and Sylmar tariffs could negatively impact the state's almond industry. His honeybees have helped pollinate local crops. If they're a little strapped for cash, that means they're going to have less money to pay a beekeeper. Pollinate. Their crow Lewis says it's still too early to tell how much tariffs will impact local goods, but he says, China will likely bypass restrictions by importing products through other countries like Vietnam until the US comes up with the deal. Monica Rix, KFI news. A dog kennel in Fullerton has been leading some people drop off pets, while others. Pick up drugs soft doing surveillance outside caught a guy with twenty grams of heroin and just over a grandma and a half of meth Fullerton. Police Lieutenant John rate says investigators searched the place and found evidence that drug sales were taking place inside. We're always concerned when there's cuts being sold from any location. Whether that be sadly, sometimes in a park, or near a school, or in this particular since a dog kennel facility for twenty two dogs found inside the dogs appeared healthy, they were left with an employee that was not involved in any of those suspected activity in Fullerton, corporate Carson KFI news. Defined over the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 's name appears to be ending in a compromise. LA county supervisor Janice, Han says the arenas, full name will be the United Airlines field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on says the venue will keep its historic name while allowing United to get naming rights to the field. There are some things that probably should not be for sale, particularly when it involves this kind of history. And this kind of tribute to those who marched off to World, War, One and never came Home Depot pain after Han and veterans groups opposed allowing United to get full naming rights sponsorship deal between United and USC has been reduced from sixteen years to ten it's not clear. If United sixty nine million dollar payment to the university will also be reduced man, says, even he's disgusted by the junk piles, around LA. So he's offering people the chance to drop off five hundred pounds of trash free of charge. Active recycling's, aero Seagal says he hopes the. Offer will cut down the illegal dumping around town. I started looking in the alleys, and I saw where people have dumped trash illegally and I wanted to do something for the community after forty five years here. He says the piles of trash dumped in alleys and parking, lots are worse than he's ever seen city leaders blamed businesses for most of the illegal dumping. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. At least nine people have been injured when a subway train in Boston derailed. The train was apparently packed this morning, when, when it came off the tracks near Fenway station. The train operator is among the injured officials say, none of the injuries appear to be life, threatening thousands of people have marched in the streets of venison in the canals. There on boats demanding cruise ships, be kept out the protests, were sparked by a cruise ship crashing into a much smaller riverboat in a canal in Venice last weekend. Five people were injured in that collision environmentalists have been complaining that huge cruise ships wear down the city's fragile foundations and dredge up the lagoons. Muddy bottom. The ships bring in thousands of tourists to the city, every day, stall in Santa Fe, springs on the six oh, five on the southbound side of the six zero five. Let's give something clear, you may be competing to be the next account executive at I heart media. But this is not a TV game show..

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