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LSU, Little, Zero discussed on Rush Limbaugh


South eastern conference as of yet but certainly plenty coming up in just a little bit of 330 tip between omiss and arkansas down in faith bill upon walter an arena three o'clock stark sees missouri in texas say inflows to just about to get underway 5 o'clock tips for both georgia at number seventeen auburn in number 21 tennessee at south carolina tonight at seven fifteen florida takes on eighteen kentucky in lexington and it's seven thirty mississippi state heads over it it's us could lose to the take on alabama top 25 action couple of games underway oklahoma state taking on fourthranked oaklahoma and the cowboys leader by five over the sooner is at the time being forty two to thirty seven seventeen minutes left in the second half bear keeping it in the big 12 number six west virginia leads texas 32 24 as hs began the second half there in morgantown fifteen fortyfour remains in the ball game also in big 12 play number eight texas tech trails i was state by one cyclones lead at thirty six to thirty five and late in the first half number nineteen seton hall leeds number eleven xavier by a score of twenty five to twenty two fifteenthranked north carolina inaction at home against georgia tech midway or just starting in the second half about fifteen minutes left targets lead the yellow jackets by a score of fifty two to thirty nine again got the comedores get a win today over lsu at home seventy seven to seventy one when we come back we'll hear from our player of the game and head coach price true that's all coming up next is the cocacola zero sugar postgame report continues after this on the vanderbilt img sports network.

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