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Paid with PLN request A quote online at PLM paving dot com Pl AM paving Double M. J by day forecast mostly sunny early on today, chance for some clouds and even a possible straight thunderstorm this afternoon high of 86 Tonight, mostly clear and mild low of 68 tomorrow for your Independence Day holiday, mostly sunny highs 84 same thing on Sunday with a high of 87 on Monday. It's going to be human. A high round 90 with a chance for a few isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. Same thing again Tuesday with a high of 88 right now in medicine. It's 76 degrees in Green made 78 degrees in Walkinshaw, 78. And in Milwaukee. It's 82 degrees. Whether you're working from home or back at the office, stay connected and informed of the latest news and information with the W T M J Mobile APP. I'm Alex grow NewsRadio, double T. M. J. And I'm living Collins Gene Jane, that there Brian, dear de brandy and the rest of the gang a long weekend and it is well deserved. But here we are. It's our three Wisconsin Morning news Still ahead this hour we're gonna be talking with with on Milwaukee dot com film critic Matt Miller. He's going to share with you some holiday. Patriotic American movies. You might want to watch us. We could also have you heard about this so called covert Herd immunity concert. Will I talked with Some of the officials in.

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