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A lot from the community and hopefully we can share a lot today. I'm an entrepreneur and investor. I'm the chief product officer at Tinder of been here for now over four years. I was the first acquisition of the company and was fortunate enough to work with Sean RAD who's the founder of tenor and brilliant product mind and him. And I have been clamoring for well over a decade. And you know, incredibly fortunate to be involved in this sort of unbelievable ride, and you know, hope that it keeps going. Yeah, I remember chill. Yes before Tinder, actually, can you? Can you give a quick background of what chill was because this was I think, pre product, Hon days back when I was still, of course playing with products and everything was super interesting. Yeah, you know. So we were really. Sighted about consumer video. And this is obviously before YouTube took over the world still huge experience. But the whole that I saw was social video. And so we experimented quite a bit with building ways to share video ways the share video within the Facebook open graph. Some of you have may remember Facebook had some of an open platform at one point we were, I think one of the largest apps in the world in that world and just really interesting exploration learned a lot about network effects and competing with them, which is difficult also learned about de comics of content for Sparty content versus stuff that obviously you'd pull onto the platform. But we, you know, I honed a lot of skills at chill, and I think chill was sort of served as the starting point for me to think about incentives consumer psychology and really how to build great products. How'd you get into center? Yes. So join in two thousand fifteen richly came in to focus on. Retention can set up a lot of our CRM infrastructure. But before that. Early and Ryan, you know how we got to know each other's through product. So there was a period of time. I was at a company called zarley left there and was was building a lot of products and launch. I think three products within three months, finish number one product. And then that kind of like really got my. I'd say my product started because I was getting a lot of job offers a lot of interest in terms of what I was building. And so I think part of that was Tinder saw some of the products I was building and approached me now focus on the director of product in revenue Tinder, and focused solely on subscriptions al-akhar products, but but I do credit product a lot with with the Evelyn of kind of my product, or I realize that's I said that I, for the audience did not tell him to say, but we all met on product hunt. I, yeah, I guess so I, I've met a lot of people through product and actually, and I forget that I actually forgot how first product was..

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