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Felix Shishir Katie as the Democratic Republic of Congo's, incoming president after the constitutional court upheld the results it rejected allegations by his main rival Martin fi you Lou Evan election. Stitch-up of Mr. you, Lou is sticking to his claims. Now. The year with this ruling. The constitutional court has defied the Congolese people the African Union and the whole international community. I now consider myself as the legend teammates, president of the Democratic Republic of Congo. I'm making an urgent call to our people to take themselves in charge by organizing, non violent protests all over the country to defend its sovereignty phones. Phones, a souvenir, the sixteen nation Southern African Development community will Sadak along with Kenya. Have congratulated she's Katie and called for a peaceful handover of power, but the African Union which had expressed serious doubts about the election figures has post pained, sending a high level delegation to Shasta. So what now for the DRC, and it's eighty million people will they see a peaceful transition after years of turmoil. I'm joined from Nairobi by Richard Moncrieff of the International Crisis Group, Richard. Thank you for joining us on new State, Mr finally called for non violent protests. But has he got the capacity to actually mobilize the Congolese people? Yes. Good morning. So he's he's called for protests. That's not the first time over the last month of kind of ins and outs in this saga that the opposition. Of course, a protest, and it hasn't been much response on the streets. So far. People are unsure fearless supported in particular. The angry at the discrepancy significant discrepancy between the figures released by the electoral commission and figures from the Catholic church. You deployed forty thousand observers during the elections and also leaked figures from the electoral commission. It sounds. They are angry white. Why are they taking to the streets? Yeah. Sure. As got into that. I think a lot of other people. Are happy to see an opposition candidate take power. Just getting has his supporters. Of course, others are nervous that protests against the election results could descend into violence between companies Kennedy's camp. And that would be very unfortunate. It would see opposition supporters fight each other in the streets. That's there's already been tensions between those two groups. I think some people are nervous about what would happen if they did go out on the streets. So could this pose a threat to the future future future stability of the country? Well, I think it could we not things are always very uncertain India, Congo popular anger does spill onto the street. I think the other big threats to the future stability countries that we're now very likely to see a president sworn in who's deeply contested by a large proportion of the population. So he has a very low legitimacy. He's going to have to deal with an embedded set of networks. Brutally support Kabila the outgoing president embedded right across the economy and the security sector, so he's going to have to tread very carefully in that respect. So we've got a sort of president coming in and wanted to face that has his hands tied here. And that's not that's not that doesn't bode well for solving the Marriott problems the country faces. This is likely to be sworn in tomorrow ju ju just how easily can he transfer from being an opposition leader to the president. Now, he's going to be very difficult. President could be will automatically joined the Senate. He remains the president of his party and his party and allied panties have done very well in the column entry elections, and in the provincial elections as I said, they're very embedded in the economy and in the security sector in ten seconds. What do you think he's number one change is going to be? Well, he's going to have to deal with we've insecurity, which has been growing in the east for a long time. But he's not going to have very good control over the security forces. So that's a major challenge fan. Richard Moncrieff of the International Crisis Group. It's seventeen minutes to the hour. China says economic growth last year was the lowest for nearly three decades. And the Israeli military has carried out missile strikes on Iranian targets inside Syria or a couple of the top stories from the BBC newsroom. Top sports stories now with Matthew Kenyon to the tennis in a moment festival. Let me tell you about a thrilling penultimate day of the NFL season in the state says both championship games went to overtime. And it is yet another Super Bowl appearance for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots after they got a thirty seven thirty one win over the Kansas City. Chiefs the stat keep on rolling in for Brady, really don't they? He's now lead the patriots to their ninth Super Bowl in eighteen seasons. And if they win it he will, of course, be the oldest starting quarterback to do. So. He'll be out there on his own is the first to win it six times. But it was a team showing against the chiefs. As New England's rob gronkowski explained. We knew if we kept fighting that we're we're gonna put up a battle. I mean, we're giving all we have pretty sure everyone on the team gave it all we had today. So that's all we can ask for and in the end the results came out great. We are battling the whole game. We preparing all year for situations like this conditioning levels, and it shows with a victory like this. New England will play the LA Rams in the showpiece in Atlanta on February the third after they also needed overtime to beat the New Orleans Saints. So now to the Australian Open and Serena Williams against Simona Halep is the biggest match of the day at Melbourne Park. That's coming up in a couple of ass festival there. Let's bring you up to date with all the action that has happened. David law is live in Melbourne. And after a first week in which we had hardly any upset so shocks at all. We've had lots of the last couple of days and another one. Today because Alexander's very the four seed in the men's draw has been beaten six one six one seven six by Malaysia round at Wimbledon runner-up at three years ago. Who's starting to play his best tennis again, but a really disappointing. First couple of sets for very heavy surf broken five times out of six in those first two sets and really didn't look right at all. So the fall seed has gone round goes thrill now face the born a church Luca play. They're playing at the moment in the first set of their match in the women's store Niamey Asakusa survived. The loss of a first set against anesthesia several Stover to go through caroliina push giver who's been in such good form defeated a former Wimbledon champion gardenia Mugabe Reuther. And so she is rolling on is push giver, and maybe an outside bet for this title. Now, you mentioned upsets I mentioned Serena Williams against Simona Halep what would count as an upset in that one later on. That's a good question. And I actually think. Neither one would really be an upset because you've got the current world number-one against arguably the greatest player of all time. Serena Williams, sunny has the better head to head of the two. I think she if she plays at best tennis. She is still the best player in the world. And so on that level if she plays. Well, I would expect it to win but Halla has been growing into this tournament. She had a really tough draw. She faced the play that beater at the US open in the very first round and was a set behind fought through that fought for another very difficult second round match against severe Kenan which went all the way, and then really found a form in round three beating Venus Williams. So it's a really tough draw. Serena Williams, just to get to the quarterfinal stage. But Hallett now is very much match. Tough. Good stuff. David. Thanks so much more from David and the team through the day here on the BBC. We'll keep you posted on how all these things unfold here your football headlines, then a record-breaking outing for Perry Sanchez. They beat gang on nine nail killing pay and Eddie. Nsen. Cavani scored hat tricks. PSG have a lead of thirteen points in the league and two games in hand on their nearest rivals. Elsewhere Gonzalez Guarini has been left out of the Milan squad for their game today against genera- his coach generic to. So said the speculation about his move to Chelsea had quote disrupted. Preparations parcel, owner of won seven in a row in all competitions. Now. After Lionel Messi came off the bench to help them sail. A three one win over Lagaan Astaire lead at the top in. Spain is five points pep Guardiola says his Manchester City shied need to improve after three nil win at Huddersfield town, which leaves them four points behind leaders Liverpool. Meanwhile, Spurs after that win against Fulham, which keeps them in third place in the English Premier League. Four points ahead of Chelsea have concerns over the fitness of Delhi alley. He went off with a hamstring injury. Vietnam who only qualified for the knockout stages of the Asian Cup on fair. Play rules are through to the quarterfinals after a penalty. Shootout win over Jordan favorites. Iran will face. China in the last eight they both got wins on Sunday. And it is the draw for the group stage of the African confederation Cup later in Cairo Kenya's gore. My hair one through on Sunday when they held on for a second like nil nil drawer against Cameroon's new star after I first victory and hold us. Russia Casablanca in there as well. Sneaking through two one on aggregate after narrow one nail home win against Namibia's African stars Ghana's Asante Kartiko now Jerry is a new good Rangers. Also, one through on Sunday news news on who will play whom on focus on Africa and babysit dot com. Stroke African football. Thank you very much. Indeed, Matthew Kenyon. Our next guest is a successful Paralympic tennis player. But the story we're about to talk about is about more than just her on-court skill. It's an extraordinary tale of pain and courage. We're going to talk to Tyson. British army veteran as I said a successful Paralympic tennis player to suffer of a condition called complex regional pain syndrome. It causes excruciating pain to the sufferers. But doctors find it very. Hard to treat and some sufferers say that amputation of the affected limb can relieve the pain that Cornelia against the advice of her doctors chose to amputate part of her right leg and throughout her decision making process and the subsequent medical treatment. She took video diaries, which are being shown on the BBC today. An unrelated to say we can talk to Cornelia now. I I just wanted to check. It's it's now how long is it since you have the operation. Good morning. It's about seven weeks after the operation now headed they end of November. Okay. Now, if if it had been the cut and dried solution, I can see that it would still be a difficult decision to have to take. But you were told that it might not work understand that situation with complex regional pain syndrome. So for you, you will facing an even more difficult decision. Whether to go ahead with a partial amputation or not why did you decide to do what you did? Well, it wasn't a decision. I took lightly, and I made sure that I I did my homework about the pros and the cons about getting amputation with complex regional pain syndrome. Obviously the conversations I had with medical professionals were sobering. But often nearly five years with the condition. From a personal perspective and considering my relative young age and relative health. And those having gone through all of the rehabilitation options open to sufferers with COPS. I decided to me it was the the the best way forward. Because if it if it if it did work, it would be absolutely with the informed gamble, and if it didn't in many ways, I wouldn't have lost much more than than than what I had. I mean condition is the condition is let's talk about the quality of life that condition as it stood which you developed Saturday following a freak accident is simply excruciating an utterly debilitating. Yes. It is..

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