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Police blotter fax variety every Friday at this time we we have a segment or two about the the the funniest stories from the local law enforcement of the week and we call it we call it the it can be for your local daily or weekly newspaper many papers have column written actually by the police department they called the police log or the police blotter could be a standalone story too we only yet we just ask you to send it to grace that's how we car show dot coms and email with the grace how we car show dot com or you can fax it to us I don't have the fax number in front of me grace do you have the fax number in front of you funny you should ask I deal with the fax number is eight five seven two eight four eighty eight sixty four and it at this time every Friday evening we read the funniest ones that we get in the course of the last week and the two winning entries get a nice gift what did they get this week grace they're going to get a copy of your book what really happened I think everyone needs to know the story of how president Donald Trump got elected especially now since they're trying to them I lex and exactly how we thank you okay so these are the runners up and I have to say these are some pretty solid stories this week so let's get to it Disney security guard PGA tour golfer among a hundred and twenty four charged in Florida prostitution sting I think you should see this security guard this is the I I a guide I said to this one that my grace a lot of people sanatoria a lot of people send me up but I had a feeling you would have already read the story just because of the cover of the story which was a man in the nude I think it was holding some close around his privates because he was standing outside in the cold anyway as security at Disney world a security guard at Disney world in a pro golfer Tommy Gainey the guy the guy the security guard had no hair and one about three bells yes that is an accurate description were among a hundred twenty four people busted your I want my security guards Walden have it but not making no not on a he was two for three during a massive undercover prostitution sting in Florida this was on a six day operation Sam is not a list that was what it was called they arrested forty six men seeking the services of prostitutes and so I I have to get into the nitty gritty here I want to be operation house of Laos I like that too Taylor they might like house of mounted they might need you there just to give them these names you could be a creative content director operation switches they used to say that the you know if you were a bad child you'd get switches in your stocking rather than nice poison candy I was that they said Cole switches switches must remember for call Halle well like what was the first Christmas for our three wailing a day it was before it was that that's what switches were what they gave what's what's Santa gave the bad kids before Cole was invented grace so this is unbelievable how we I've Tommy Gainey I married forty four year old who joined the PGA tour in two thousand eight what the Tampa Bay times identified the naked man is Rodney Davis a fifty six year old.

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