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Sportsradio ninety four W. IP the camera and Jon Ritchie three blown moans about is a I see how they run run out of the room they all there is evidence they all went after the farmer's wife she cut out the details with a butcher's knife have you ever seen such a site near lie those three blind mice very nice last until two sportsradio ninety four W. B. Philadelphia tasty cakes sports radio ninety four the radio dot com station yeah Jack Wheeler free agent arm always gravel today read star of the show five years a hundred eighteen million dollars like a lot of money the money but I as if he's got upside it's not like that you're paying for past years a performance some of it is he's a solid pitcher and one of the best available arms on the market the other thing is he does has some upside he's not he's not in the Klein mode like a Jake Arianna was when the Phillies signed and so yeah I did some homework on on this morning and really kind of came around on him from where it is to me a couple days ago I was in like now I don't wanna give him a hundred million dollars but worst case scenario he gives you at least five innings right in all the two of his thirty one starts Lester goes five innings almost half of the sorts fifteen of thirty one to seven innings so that's not something we saw from anybody in that rotation except for who Erin all last year we got to be capable of doing it yeah but five innings yeah that's not on there that somebody give you another fun Zack Wheeler stat all I love the fun that because that's what he got this from Matt Breen ninety seven mile an hour pitches thrown over the last two seasons Zack Wheeler for eleven hundred of them Phillies pictures through forty it was nice four zero forty at just forty meanwhile that will occur over a little leaven hundred pitches over ninety seven miles an hour now add average fastball velocity is ninety eight point six so he definitely runs it up there with ease almost a a D. I a strikeout parading also I hit parading so he's a guy that is going to give up its see more or less a a a made the high three ERA guy so we'll see what he does pitching at age thirty you'll be thirty in may so puts most of next season in Philadelphia at the age of thirty he actually turn more money down use offer more money by the Chicago White Sox psych one eighty turn that money down to come to Philadelphia in large part according to reports his wife is a Jersey girl Hey and you want to be closer to home rather than living out in the Midwest Argo course a go the sure I'll be speaking to the media suit in on the next couple days or so and maybe will be another signing that they can they can put up there with them yes the most whose fans are I happy so get in if you want to talk about it eight eight eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four I do not believe that this makes them a playoff team you know is it improve a couple games sure sure it does but I I don't I'm not put them in the playoffs yeah no we'll see all right for our eagles chasing Kelsey by the way you lie manning is looks like it's gonna be starting on Monday this kind of came out of nowhere mid mid to late morning today I can good news yeah Daniel Jones so I guess Pat Shurmur speaks to the media and dangle Jones could and I don't know who was hurt but he is a high ankle sprain not likely to play E. lie is gonna be playing now the light is one up a full point Jack on the V. solace these radical line that much yeah so the eagles around nine and a half point favorites super some people are scared about it some people are saying like oh my god you know gets one last crack he comes in and says these one of these weird things I I I disagree I'm ready to use the G. word again Jack guarantee yeah at night it's only ones they're not gonna do it today maybe reserve for Monday but if you think that the eagles are losing that game to the giants the lie mating you're out of your damn mind there's no there is no chance of losing that game on Monday night like you go to the live many you kidding me you worried about the game now I but I'm not worried at all I like that tone yeah I'm not like that that one a little worried about my word all right all right I'll take to Kelsey on the morning shows the dog I on the morning shows well answers going full circle here Doug on the morning show says that that the dolphins wanted a more played harder they as season Kelsey about that quote here it is obviously you know dogs watch the tape so that that's what he saw them that's what he saw and that's frustrating because that stop in our ammo since he's been here this up in our home over the last three years I think we've been known as a team that's been a pretty doggone arts fighting hard nosed over achieving Jane and obviously we didn't do that last week is Jason yeah I mean did this he does he feel like that you know I mean he he just more or less is is saying if that's what he saw that's what he saw the obviously he felt that way because that's what he said Brandon Brandon Graham on on Monday night he came out and said that yeah it's like I'm back on my coach I agree with my coach that seems like a lot of the veteran guys are or saying that Malcolm did not when we had him on on Monday I don't know if we caught him off guard because he had heard it but he said he did not agree with with the they wanted it more they played harder sell yeah because he knows he knows the secondary is pretty much under the microscope here in a play Batman they they play better and quite frankly Doug to me was being honest you know what I think we as fans not so much the media exalting the media is upset by the answer we just want to make sure he clarified the S. and stuck by it but people getting upset by it you want these guys to give you honest answers you know Doug could K. body gave you the whole coaching cliche team played hard to get you where you get you could get all that stuff you could get all that and we we would say he's lying he's covering force players no it's clear that they overlook the dolphins it's clear that the dolphins wanted that game expressly from their offices there point going up against our deep beds they wanted it more they did and what dog was saying is in those one on one situation those fifty fifty balls to batei Parker wanted it more yeah because it it does the Bob the borders is better Jamie males in Raleigh hardly line if you said that no we would have been a lot of you said good that's really good a set of house was he going to explain that yeah that the guys are right there in position ma'am we're just to ensure wait well I I mean I think I was gonna say I think we all agree that when he clarified it he did walk it back but at same time the inmate says what he was saying he just wanna say look listen we lost the game they they when they took the game okay they took the game they did and did we not all witness that they did press one branded say they overlook the team the only thing you could come up there with his that man you got and prepare for his team took a lightly yeah that's a good team lightly yeah yeah yeah I put it to when you look at the two thousand nineteen who is more of a problem is a Duggar Halle when you look at the five and seven eagles how did we get here who is more to blame who's the focus be on how you constructed the team or dog who is taking what he has and turned it into a five and seventeen I could says pretty clearly the detail because of injuries and other reasons just gas in there to be much more than a five and seven is no we over rated this team this isn't a tame under achieving now are they five and seven bed probably not injuries call barbecue key things may have factored into why they are a below five hundred tape but they were never the twelve win team thirteen when teams that we thought they would agree to that I thought they were so light we over rated the team and then they really started underperforming they shouldn't be this bad right should be five and seven but they are about a five hundred G. that's how they play this year yeah my focus is Doug continues to be dogged I'm eyes is the power to roster I'm concerned I added the rosters not great bike no question about that the roster is not great by it's the same time I've seen a lot of good NFL okay head coach is take a roster that it that is in grades and actually say this is my roster is I'm going to get the the best out of this roster Jon Gruden in nineteen ninety five when he came to Philadelphia he was passing a tax younger he was west coast offense John green you know we'd wind up haven't Rodney Peete is quarterback H. oligarch garnering Ricky Watters is running backs the need to try to throw the ball forty times a game he ran the box you realize what is T. wise right don't need to realize what is roster reason instead of throwing the ball three times the one when you don't have wide receivers out there use what the roster is giving you a two how many have why receives out their son well last week he did yeah lets you got to be on it as an eagles fan you mean to tell of course you want to win the game you mean to tell me it won in a bill good as the eagles Brenda watched him throw the ball up and down the field at the watching them to release date yeah yeah absolutely okay that's what I want to see I want to see our solid cash today on ball I was the cars and actually it ours are deep that's what I want to see this is Louise league as a deterrent running back you know what I wanted to see I want to see Doug Peterson's damp team not good and do good on the Miami take that team lightly and realize where you are which of the season S. warts wall as Jim Schwartz as the head coach that is that is the head coach Jim Schwartz it at listen if he's not responsible for everybody on that roster forget about scheming and everything else on defense if he's not responsible for setting the tone which by the way the toll in this year's been guaranteed wins not suspended Nigel Brad of everything else these doing let's go the funds we have five is this Joe you who what are you doing with the like that guy's name was not was not there was mate is not me it was neat his name is how we how we.

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