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And then Whatever you know. Lamar jackson comes back from whatever was going on back in the locker room. And you know comes in and throws a touchdown and listen. That's what mark brown can do. You get him in space. He's got incredible speed and he can do it but in terms of consistency fantasy production. You know the thought the positive was. He's the next tyreek hill right. The problem is is that he's he's honestly become the next to sean jackson which is like when he hits like with a trace mcsorley all needs is one play against the steelers won seventy yard pass for a touchdown great. But he's not somebody that you feel like you know what he's going to get you a six eighty day. It's going to be very much much very big play dependent as is not the case though for his teammate mark andrews who had five catches on seventy eight yards twelve point eight fantasy points. Good to see him back. Obviously having recently spent some time on the covid nineteen. Let's let's get right to the browns. Another great game from baker mayfield last night. Best game of the season in terms of fantasy points. Thirty in total three total touchdowns one of them of course was up the rushing variety. Three hundred forty three passing yards against an excellent ravens defense. You know something matthew. I think this is much more of a real football story than a fantasy football story. You're not starting next week. Are you probably not at the giants. Giants defense playing really really well. You know i mean. I whatever the game against arizona i honestly i put blame on daniel jones and the offense. Danny jones should have been out there. Terrible decision by the giants. Coaching staff. Happy as a washington. Fan that they did that Giving the lead back in the nfc east to my washington professional football team. But that's it would be tough. I think what baker's elevation has done though is listen. You're already starting running backs you know. But i think you feel better about jarvis landry if you're in a deeper league feel better about rashard higgins and by the way if you're in a keeper league i baker mayfield in our dynasty league where i've been taking for tat trevor. Like i feel better about him. Like feels like okay now. He feels like he's gotten kevin savannah offense and now you think about next year gets so. Bj back you know another year of you. Know having austin hooper. there who didn't have last night you know they like bryant as well you know so that they suddenly have some pieces there for this passing offense but i agree with you. I think it's a unless you're in a to quarterback league a deep league. I would much prefer jalen hurts. Or you know i mean even mitchell trubisky like even some of these other guys that are out there. I think than baker mayfield but it is. It was impressive performance. He's now had multiple touchdown passes in three straight games. And you know. I mean three hundred. Forty three passing yards two touchdowns in a game and a rushing touchdown in a game in which the browns ran all over baltimore over the under the cream hunting now or no. You won't do it or now. Here's the thing i mean. We probably don't have time for this. Whatever whatever it's finally. I nearly had a miracle. I'm in the war room leak as you guys know and it is. Most importantly get is the league that i play in with field with stefania with our producer. Matt harrington with shefty with more with louis riddick with rex ryan with tedy bruschi like all the names of people that you watch on tv here and a lot of our our producers as well really smart nfl guys men and women and so. It's a highly competitive league at sixteen teams. We've talked about it all you know all year long. I was second last year. I finished second i lost. I lost a scottclark all biz at all underscore. Busy adam schefter of the war room league. This year i was first in points. I was ten and three. I basically led the league wire-to-wire. I had an amazing team. Tannahill aaron jones kareem hunt Tyrod kill decay metcalf. Alan robinson my flex hayden hearst by titan colts defense. One of the best defense is jason myers as kicker and so i played against the eighth seed. The eighth seed field. I should win. Had had michael gallup not scored a stupid touchdown last week against against the ravens played rex ryan and it would have been by seventy points. But because michael gallup scores that dumb baloney touchdown rex. Ryan ends up seventeen and i play the eighth seed and the eighth seed is is. Our is our friend. Seth markman and set of former champion. This league but seth has had an up and down year in the league. He's got a good team though. He has to great players. He has davante adams and helped. Travis kelsey so he's he's the best tight end as the best wide receiver his running backs where a work in progress. He spent a fourth round. Pick on cam akers. Who has been terrible all year. Long and bianca fourteen. He got twenty points from arizona defense. Who's been good. There's no defense has been good but you don't have any choice. They they the previous five weeks the arizona cardinals defensive scored twenty three points. But this week. They scored twenty daniel jones. The giants they play daniel jones and the giants and so right. Deebo samuel gets hurt on the first play and so brandon i- euch at sixteen targets field. But he he had seventeen fantasy points. I understand but i mean come on six targets. I is where i was in. This was last year. I led the league in points in you last year. Stuck into the playoffs and you beat me. In the first round i led the league in fantasy point so i know exactly what you're talking about right now. I know you do. But let's let's focus on me. This is about to be governor. Time for ramp was last year. Here's the about me good and use for. Do you follow the same pattern than i do. The team will be absolute garbage next year because my team has been brutal. This season so better days are ahead. Anyway the point is is that right allan round robin type. The point is is that because aaron jones isn't free and just had a brutal fantasy performance. Sure that's not just the lions defense matthew berry. I mean not trying to take away from. Yeah i'm pretty sure already sure. I run into last night so anyway going into last night i was down thirty two points to seth and who he was done and i had kareem hunt so i almost pulled off a monday night miracle but in some ways i sort of wish that he had done nothing it says. What are you going to do by thirty. I lost by three points. Unless there's some sort of crazy weird stat correction here and like i'm praying for but i don't think it's going to happen. Sure pinpointing i. I don't know. I'll take any of them. I'm trying to. I'm trying to think. Here's a question for you that i had that i was trying to wonder if kareem hunt caught that two point conversion bounce off his shoulder but they ended up converting. Is that a three point player or two point play just reception. That's what i thought. I was scoring right but yeah if i had started coal right over and hers. I would've won Well i mean other than that but by the way like everything else should warm show is is is now bad time for me to say that i won around a playoffs because of kareem hunt thrilled for you. Yes it is nice jobs. I want to know. Because if i shouldn't bring it up that i won my playoffs because a cream on but i just thought i'd know loosen does i'm in fifteen leagues. I was in the playoffs. And twelve of them. One of them my losses to find you by the way is to find. You beat me in this show league which yeah the celebrity a celebrity league that we're playing in. Yeah yes so defined you in the playoffs there. It's a deadly tabs right exactly. It's not a big deal. This is the league i care about. I'm just being honest. I'm letting you into my pain. I'm letting you in to my soul. That was crushed last night because the whole thing is i'm watching the game. I'm watching the game and and my wife is like. Oh maybe you can get there. Oh maybe and like no. You don't understand thirty five points. i love it. It's anything right. Seth marksman's texting me like you know middle finger emojis. He's he's trolling me. More it's texted me being like. Nah i think you can do this anyway. It was just a roller coaster a roller coaster of emotions field. Yates and it's very upsetting. Because i had the best team in this league. And i'm not gonna win and so people out there that are in my boat you feel me. I'm here for you. it happens. This is the life we've chosen. This is the game we play hashtag fantasy life. It is what it is. What are you going to do. I've got a question for you math..

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