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Jerry Seinfeld. Oh, and the show Bradley comedians in cars with coffee, or whatever it's called comedians having coffee and cars or something comedians in cars getting coffee. Okay. You can fill in the blank Goodwin. Bradley. It was doomed from the start. It was doomed before it even began. Neither person wanted to do the episode of comedians in cars, getting coffee both of them were basically forced to do it by the respective teams. Jerry, Seinfeld and Ellen. They hate each other. They only talked when forced there will never be a second episode. Jerry Seinfeld, and Ellen may never speak again. Forever. What is the point of doing that? I feel like when you're Ellen and Jerry Seinfeld failed. Just don't do stuff. You don't want to go, right? That's the great thing about being a permanent a lasagna. You get to have selectivity in the things that you wanna do. I just don't understand forcing people who don't like each other into doing something that in the end is going to not be good. Yeah. Seriously, presumably, they're just going to edit the bejesus out of it. And you know, maybe. Now, Bradley you got that very quickly. What led you to believe that Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen were the people behind this blind item? Well, anytime you say, permanent A-List talk show host. I think Allen, right? And then I instantly thought well, what's a comic who just had a show because we just talked about the new season of no actually, we talked about the new season of something else. But. I'm sorry. My brain was doing the James corden one. What's that? Yeah. The carpool karaoke carpool karaoke. But there's also there was a story maybe last week about comedians in cars with coffee that was just getting coffee that was just in my brain. So I thought well who would she hate? Oh, look someone that does what she does. Because those would usually be the grudges I feel like people would hold Ellen wouldn't hate Madonna. Right. Because I would think that any of the people that Ellen would hate it would be another comedy. She might be threatened by us. Yeah. Yeah. And vice versa for that matter. Interesting. I swatted delicious one. And that was quick delicious. All right moving right along. Let's think about a foreign born a minus lists mostly television. Actress and the celebrity she calls her boyfriend to people the subject of this blind item from crazy days and nights dot net. Apparently this foreign born A-minus lists mostly television. Actress says she in the celebrity she calls her boyfriend are waiting until they are married to consummate their relationship. Someone was asking her what the sexiest lake which is when she gave this answer. Foreign born A-minus minus list, mostly television. Actress did we talk about this story this week? Somebody about their sex life. We talked about Amal Clooney, and you're in George Clooney. So it's not that I will say this woman is famous for acting in television in the United States mostly, but she has a big movie career outside of the United States. How okay and the celebrity. She calls her boyfriend is not an actor. No while he was on TV. Now. Use the word boyfriend loosely. I'm be something a little more than a boyfriend. If you know what I mean? Might be. Husband..

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Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen, Bradley discussed on Colleen and Bradley

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