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I i don't i remember when they did stop but i don't remember why they stopped it was costing them more per dollar to collect all than they were taking in the same thing's going to happen at work by the time they create a physician to collect the money they'll create a full time position with benefits they're going to lose and trust me talking to be just one job because that's a big area it's spread out so you you're gonna have to have a couple of people i don't know stopping the cars and and ask him to see your license to see where you're where you're from the whole thing is stupid it's not that i can't be necessary it sounds like a cash grab and or a way to just get you know maybe some people do not go down there but it's definitely going to hurt the businesses i know for fact that my friends can afford to go and they're just going to say hell no i'm not paying ten bucks to sit there not a chance they can afford it i'm sure area you wanna go you wanna sit you wanna hang out you wanna see the water smell the water had maybe have a drink in an appetizer at the bar there but it's not like okay it's so and so's fortieth birthday we're going to finally get up to watch hill and we're gonna you know probably spend a couple of hundred bucks because it's exp it's expensive but it's a once in a while thing or we're gonna go to block island put the money away because you know it's going to cost us an arm and a leg but we're going to enjoy it and we don't get to do it too often this is oakland beach this is i just want to go sit there and talk to you and catch up for a couple of minutes come on call city hall seven three eight two.

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