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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the spread of the corona virus in the United States is inevitable. That's the they used inevitable. The president held a press conference with experts present and said this could be too. I also I don't think it's inevitable. I don't think it's inevitable an hour before that. The latest case of Corona virus infection was reported in California. Cdc said it is quote the first case of a corona virus in a person who did not recently returned from foreign country or have contact with a confirmed case. According to a person briefed on the case sign the virus may be spreading in a local area and that same press conference tonight. The president gave the world the false hope of a vaccine being available fairly rapidly. The vaccine is coming along well and speaking to the doctors. We think this is something that we can develop fairly rapidly. Vaccine that provoked Dr Anthony. She wanted the director of the National Institute of Allergy Infectious Disease. You had to step up to the microphone and put a real time frame on a possible vaccine. I just want to give you a very quick update on the my name. Is Dr Tony Foul on the Director of the Nationalist Student Allergy and Infectious Diseases? That h just a very quick update on the countermeasure development in the form of vaccines and therapeutics. I had told this audience at a recent press briefing that we have a number of vaccine candidates and one prototype one to give you a feel for the timeframe of vaccine and what its impact might be now and in subsequent years is that I told you we would have a vaccine that we would be putting into trials. See it's safe. And if it induces a response that you would predict would be protective in about three months. I think it's going to be a little bit less than that. It's probably going to be closer to two months. That would then take about three months to determine if it's safe an agenda which gives us six months then you graduate from a trial which has as one of forty five people to a trial that involves hundreds if not low thousands of people to determine efficacy at the earliest and efficacy trial would take an additional six to eight months so although this is the fastest we have gone from a sequence of a virus to trial it still would not be any applicable to the epidemic. Unless we'd really wait about a year to a year and a half leading off our discussion tonight Ron Clain who was put in charge of the federal government's response to the ABOL virus by President Obama in twenty fourteen. Also joining US Laurie. Garrett Pulitzer Prize winning reporter covering Global Pandemics wrought Ron. I you and with both of you tonight. You're such experts on this subject. I don't pretend to be able to guide where you should be focusing on your reaction to what you saw at the White House tonight. And we're this we're we're this virus crisis is at this time boy saw the process. You mentioned lords contradict the nation's leading experts. Dr Chee Dr Xu cod. Who also from the Centers for Disease Control was there? Contradictive on the likelihood of this disease spreading United States contradict him on the pace of vaccine development contradict him on Donald. Trump is the past tense to describe. The virus threat really is in the future tents contradicted them contradict himself on the travel restrictions. You put in place misled the American people but the child route sixty put in place. You know. I think the vice president charge doesn't move the needle one way or the other. If the president's can tell you to reject scientific advice to contradict scientific advice and really focus I think singularly not on the safety and the health of the American people but I tried to talk the stock market back up. I think his strategy has been happy tweets to talk the market. Not really preparing our country to deal with this problem that we're going to face Laurie. The only thing I know that that I could tell America that it should do as completely ignore every word said by Donald Trump Listen to you and others which is why I played his full his response in full. What do you think America needs to know tonight? Well first of all the case then. California's very distressing because this is in a rural area an individual that never traveled. How did this person get infected? It implies that there are cases out there that we don't know about and it's really shocking. That only four hundred twenty six Americans have actually been tested for infection if you compare that to South Korea right now. They're over thirty five thousand people. They've tested in the more. They test the more cases they find that have no symptoms that were missed or mild symptoms. We don't really know what's going on in America at the moment. What we need at the helm somebody who gets that science. You know who understands the subtleties Ron Clean? Got The subtleties of Ebola. When he was in the White House and thank God. You were there run. But we're putting Mike Pence and charge. Let's not forget. This is the guy who has governor of Indiana said that because of his beliefs no one getting infected with HIV or to block infection with HIV should have access to sterile syringes right when the OPIOID crisis was exploding in Indiana and by estimates done by my dear friend grade at Yale University that caused two hundred and fifty unnecessary infections and people leaving into either hepatitis issue in Indiana because he was ideologically opposed to allowing them to have safe use of drugs or run. The president was asked tonight about why his budget proposal proposed a cut in CDC funding. And I'm going to short short and his answer for time. He basically said he didn't want to waste money there and that you could always just hire people when you needed them. When there was a crisis. Yeah so wrong. Wrong and wrong. Look I think that We made a lot of investments during the ball response not justifiable to prepare our country for the kind of situation. We're facing now a future epidemic threat and since he came to office. Donald trump wiped out the White House Office that was in charge of pandemic preparedness and response. He cut funding at Centers for Disease. Control to for this preparedness. He's tried to cut many times research at the NIH and again as you've noticed these his most recent budget submitted after this outbreak propose to cut the Centers for Disease Control again. He showed all the wrong instincts at every step of the way. And I think that's that's. That's that is very problematic here right as we need a president who's willing Lori said step up and to listen to the medical experts. I think that's the big problem we have here. Which is you know. Donald Trump doesn't need to be a medical expert. Mike Pence doesn't need to be medical expert. They need to listen to the experts as Lori said pence ignored scientific advice in the Scott County Indiana. Hiv epidemic on his watch and the question is will trump will listen to those experts now and this is not a partisan issue. Tony Chica. They've served democratic Republican presidents. This should be an issue of science and medicine that politics controlling the response. You know what I would add to that if you don't mind this we're at the easy stage right now. This is the easy stuff. Just wait when it starts to be human to human transmission clusters around America when you start to have healthcare workers I was. I've been reading this absolutely heart wrenching plea from the nurses in Wuhan China saying we wake up every day and stark terror. Were psychologically distressed. We can't help but cry day. After Day. We have a health workforce that is already too small. We need far more nurses and doctors than we have in America. The hard part is going to be when they are exhausted when this is going through the hallways of hospitals is Mike Pence. The Guy who understands how to lead US through that Laurie. Garrett run clan. We're going to need to hear from you. Virtually every night as this procedure really appreciate you joining US tonight. Then he's coming up with just two days left.

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