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And a new documentary for sama captures the graphic devastation of Aleppo in Syria my mother's perspective jurors white I'll cut yet and her husband doctor homes I had worked in the resistance before they were forced to flee the city with their daughter sama they will join us as well as filmmaker Edward box you will get to all of it I'm Alison Stewart and I'll meet you on the other side of the news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Laxmi saying the wealthy financier accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls over the last decade in Florida New York is denied bail today U. S. district judge in Manhattan ordered Jeffrey obscene to remain behind bars prosecutors argue that of FC were granted bail the well connected businessmen could be a flight risk he also expressed concern that he would use his wealth to pay off anyone who could help the prosecution put him away for years but I've scenes attorney argued defendant did not pose a danger I've seen pleaded not guilty is new sex trafficking charges in New York bracing for more unrest in San Juan Puerto Rico which is reeling from overnight demonstrations for governor he got a little say yours resignation a series of leaked messages among close to you and his inner circle show the mocking women the disabled and hurricane victims and peers Adrian floaty though has more from someone thousands of people rallied in the Porter wreaking capital for the fifth day in a row demanding that or say you're stepping down the crowd included trap or just bad bunny and sing a Ricky Martin among others for drinking police fired tear gas after a group of protesters broke through a barricade at the governor's mansion and many people fled into surrounding streets by early Thursday morning the old city of sun Quan resembled a war zone police chased protesters through streets firing rubber bullets gas canisters and what appeared to be flash bombs protesters say as long as the governor remains in office they expect the number of people turning out for demonstrations will grow Adrian for either NPR news sunk one put the recall the US house has approved a resolution that holds both the U. S. Attorney General in the commerce secretary in contempt of Congress and peers Hansi low on reports the votes stems from an ongoing congressional investigation into the trump administration's fail push to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty census the house oversight committee has requested for months full copies of internal emails that they say may show the exact reason why the trump administration push for a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census but the ministration has refused to release full copies claiming executive privilege the chair of the committee Elijah Cummings could now go to the federal courts and ask a federal judge to order the ministration to release these documents in pairs Hansi low long the chairman of the national Republican congressional committee is the latest to express unease with chants from president trump support base echoing his racist language about four American Congress women of color Minnesota representative Tom ever says there's no place for the send her back chance that erupted at a campaign early last night in North Carolina the chance targeted amorous fellow Minnesota Congress member you'll have mark last night president trump remain unapologetic as he took aim at Omar and other progressives for their stance on immigration Israel and other issues that he claims makes them on American you're listening to NPR news this is WNYC in New York I'm Richard hake the city of Mount Vernon Westchester is in the midst of a power struggle as the mayor refuses to vacate the office after pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds after mayor Richard Thomas was convicted earlier this month the city council decided he had automatically forfeited his post and appointed the city council president Andre Wallace's mayor it's been a stalemate now for over a week but journal news reporter Jonathan Bamber says that may change tomorrow Friday we're gonna see potentially the city comptroller not paying some people probably not paying them you know Richard Thomas I his Meryl salary and I think that's gonna kind of puts things into court much quicker Wallace meanwhile is appointed a new police commissioner but he was arrested for trespassing by its own officers after arriving for his first day on the job the Lazio to the back of the pack in terms of fundraising for his presidential bid with just over a million dollars in contributions here's W. N. Y. C.'s Quinn Hogan some of the leading contenders for the democratic presidential nomination are boasting of their grassroots support about half of Bernie Sanders and Lizabeth warns donations came from individuals who've given less than two hundred dollars but only nine percent after blasier's contributions came from small donors like that Kirsten Gillibrand was about the same ranked on the percentage of small donors the two are tied for second to last Cory Booker had a tad better showing with sixteen percent of his campaign funds from small donors blasier's declared heat emergency and how are people coping here's thirty eight year old Victor Rivera from queens in the subway is crazy and.

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