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Black Film and Television brought to you by Netflix and strong weck lead each week. We talk with the folks that paved the way for us to imagine what was possible. Both on and offscreen. I'm your host Tracy Clayton Aka young whomever Mcgaugh my mix tape entitled. Why am I doing this? Drop in at some point. Maybe I'll now let's just see what happens. Let's talk so at the top of every show. I like to practice name the kind of parent that one day with Mike to be in. That is the kind that you'll that their kids about have don't know nothing about their favorite things so I know you know about Blair underwood but what's I know about Blair underwood you owe Blair underwood light of my life. Fire of my Loins Ladies and Gentlemen Friends and family in this episode. We are talking to none other than the beautifully faced and beautifully talented. Blair underwood himself. That's right yeah. He did not actually get hot GRITS HIS VASE IN AT ONE. Tyler Perry Movie. He was just acting an act. Hor Acts but seriously folks whether you know Blair from your most recent net flicks marathon or from your Mama's VHS tapes of La Law. You already know that Blair underwood has been Hollywood royalty for a minute. I still can't believe it but I got a chance to sit down with the man himself the same end that we have all dreamed about in our lives at one point or another for sure. We talked about him growing up as a military brat. We talked about that role of his own. Sex and the city That role and how he met a certain president of the United States early on in his career wonder who that could be. You will definitely WanNa hear that story because it's a good one so sit back relax and take in this conversation with the also lovely Blair underwood..

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