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Fox News the White House reaffirming a commitment to keep an enhanced federal presence in place in Oregon, even though the governor and the Portland mayor say federal law enforcement is making a bad situation worse, White House press secretary Keeley McEnaney says they are protecting federal property, She says a U. S code authorizes Homeland security To deputize other federal law enforcement agencies like Ice Customs and Border Protection and Secret Service. They could be deputized for the duty of in connection with the protection of property owned are occupied by the federal government and persons on that property, and when a federal courthouse is being lit on fire, commercial fireworks being shot at it being shot at the officers, I think that that falls pretty well within The limits of 40 U. S. Code. 13 50. President Trump has said he's thinking of sending homeland security into other cities as well. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News a new fight brewing over the 2020 senses, which is still in progress, President Trump just signing a memorandum that aims to bar illegal immigrants from being included in the count used to redraw congressional districts. Last year, the U. S Supreme Court blocked the administration's effort to add a citizenship question to the census form. But the president argues the reapportionment exclusion is warranted to protect the integrity of the Democratic process. The chairman of the Democratic Party, calls the order unconstitutional and accuses the president of an anti immigrant agenda. Some states still posting records for Corona virus cases. Mississippi just confirming over 1600 in a single day. Is. Congress holds a hearing on the search for a vaccine, Meantime, to Chinese hackers accused of targeting researchers in China's government accused of shielding them. With the top cover provided by state officials. These criminals are given free rein to victimize law abiding citizens around the world. Assistant Attorney General John Demers, as a federal indictment was unsealed today, America is listening to Fox D's News radio K LBJ. I'm Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by green night dot com. Texas is facing a $4.6 billion budget shortfall next year. And while bridging that gap will require a lot of cuts Texas House Speaker Dennis Bond says public schools have nothing to fear. Nobody wants to make any cuts to education. There have been zero cuts to public education to this point in the goal is for there never to be in it. Although he is critical of school districts that continued demanding more funding to deal with Corona virus, he says a fresh $200 million has been allocated to help public schools fully prepare for online learning. The Austin School board is meeting tonight and they will be discussing the selection of a new superintendent. Current superintendent Dr Paul Cruz, is leaving for a position soon with the University of Texas The hospitality industry in Texas continues to top the list of unemployment claims here in Austin. A survey says 61% of Generation Z and 57% of millennials have lost income. Mayor Steve Adler says that makes sense because that industry is typically dominated by young adults, the people that are working in our restaurants and working in our bars and clubs. He also says young. Typically the first to jump back into risky behavior. So if they want to help the economy recover, he says, both generations need to be sticklers about continued mitigation and the Austin Convention Center not opening its doors today as planned. City health officials say That's because there's not enough local cove in cases that would deem it necessary. Travis County Medical Societies, president, Dr John Colleague tells cakes and they will be ready to staff the centre if need be. We do have a roster of physicians and a variety of specialties who have said that they're ready to help out and it's a wonderful thing to see that.

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