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House. But if you will do it the dividends for big because you'll still be able to do it when you're 80 and I said, Really, I was incredulous cycle. Whoa! Oh, look at that point. I wasn't even wondering. I wasn't even knowing for sure. I was gonna live till I was 80 and Yes, I was feeling pretty old already. And he said, no, you you'll be able to do anything you want. When you're 80, he'll be able to travel You'll be able if you'll do it. And I don't mean three times a week. I mean, every single day. Just get up 20 minutes earlier, I was teaching starting at six o'clock in the morning, Right? Just get up a little earlier and do that every day when you get up and don't put it off and say I'll do tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. Do it every single day. And I said, Okay, I think I'll do that. Because I knew I didn't have anybody that we're going to be taking care of me. A lot of women think because they're married. They had a husband that will take care of. Let me clue, you girls. It's not a good plan. Yeah, because you don't have any idea. Nobody will take care of you like you can Amen to that. I mean amen to that. So do you still do those exercises every day? Every single day, every single I have seen Hazel drop and do pushups in front of strangers before so I can test that. She's not just blowing smoke. How long did it take you to get up to 40 push ups. Oh, just a few days. Really? Uh huh. Woa. Wow, that's pretty impressive and see my mother was She came to live with me a few years later, but he already knew how she shuffled along when she walks. It barely scooted her, right? The other And he said you won't be like your mother. You won't be like that. You'll be able to walk. You'll be able to do anything travel, You'll be able to do anything you want when you're 80 and you know when you're 50 years old 80 sounds like a long way way. Yeah. Gets there a little faster than you thought it would. Didn't Yeah, yeah, Got here. It got here. So I called him one day after after our date he had said, you know, Roy. Oh, you're my life because I would have never done that if anybody else and Comey to do it, But I knew you loved me. And I knew that you knew what you were doing that because he was a triathlete already, Right is 58 years old now, and he wears the same size clothes he wore in high school. Self is a fitness. Guru when it comes to taking care of himself, and, um, I just Said. I owe you my life. And he said, Well, Mom, it's not me. It's you, he said. You did it a lot of people, but they haven't done it. You've done it and then so you get the credit for doing it. But really, I I will encourage anyone to To start moving. Our bodies are made to move were not made to beat, just sitting. And actually. Now, if I sit for an hour, I can hardly get out. Get up. I have to get up and stretch and everything. You need an oil. Can Hazel, you just need an oil candle grease. That was joints a little bit. I want to ask you Let's get back to the book 88 keys to living along and purposeful life. I see. I was looking at some of your your Amazon reviews and The book is very highly rated on Amazon and, um, I see a couple people talk about what key specifically spoke to them. And when you talk to people that have read the book, do they say, Oh, my gosh. Key number. Whatever key number this one I really needed to hear that. Are there any that jump out to you that seem to Make the biggest impression on people. I can't say that any certain one and really, I frankly, I don't remember what he is What? I don't I don't have it memorized, but I have had. There was a young lady who came to church about three or four weeks ago. And in our and I walked up to her and talk to her personally to welcome her there and everything. And as we talked a moment she told me that her husband of 37 years 10 years longer than mine was had been living a life double life for eight years or more, And she just opened up to me and I, I went Later after the The service was over. I went to my car and got a book. I carry some in my car all the time. And I said, I want to make you a present of this book, and she has texted be almost Every other day or so ever since then, and tells me Well, I just finished reading this chapter and this okay to me, and she happened to arrive yesterday, too. Back again, and I had her over for lunch for dinner and she was scared all afternoon. We had a great time, along with other people. There were a lot of other people here. I mean, not a lot of several other people, and they kept saying Did you cook this food from scratch, and I said I cooked from scratch all the time. I never buy anything from a box. If you live out of a box, you're just preparing yourself to be putting one. Yeah, you can't. Well, hazel. Hi. I have a little bit of a beef with you personally, because we just had All of our Costa Rica travelers over because our tour guide Jorge and his wife, Alejandra were in the country. So we had everybody over and Hazel brought these dang crackers. Y'all. I don't eat crackers. I just don't. It's not something that I generally eat. I don't know what she put on them. But I ate Hazel. I ate my body weight in those crackers. I could not stop eating them. They were like crackers with crack on them. They were unbelievably good. So, yes. Hazel can cook And don't ever bring those to my house again, Hazel. Never not once because I kept saying to myself, I would go in the kitchen. I get like three of them, and I put them away. And then I would like and 10 minutes later, I'll just go get three more. It'll be fine. Finally. I just begged people just take these out of my house. I couldn't throw them away. They were that good. I was like, I can't. I can't waste these crackers. They're so good. So any crackers spicy Gregers? Yeah. Who knew? Yeah, cooked everything from scratch. We had a garden. Uh, we had a roast yesterday. But we also had carrots from my garden and turnips and turnip greens from my garden. Lot of people turn up their oats turn up their toes and turnips like turnips. But they are they were really good and I fix them. A special way, you know was bacon grease mhm and a little bit of a little bit of brown sugar and vinegar. Lots of vinegar. And Um, just cook them very slow. And yeah, or else that pressure going for five minutes and they are they were just perfect. Let me know I get I get the idea that you probably don't follow written recipes that you have your own way of pinch of this and a little bit of that kind of thing. Is that right? I had a lady lived here. Has rented a room for me for five years. She fell about her in my book. She has passed away now she was eight years older than I and she, I swear I don't think she knew how to run a household. It was crazy, but but she would say to people, Hazel is news recipe is live because I had everything memorized. And I just You know, we did it today. All the time. Maybe we can look forward to a cookbook..

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