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A bereavement leave bank America is a great program called life event services where someone's going through a transition in their life whatever that happens to be so it's just the kinds of benefits to the drive in what we call responsible growth I like to think my guess let me to read it so what would you like to probably do find a bank of America can help you a bank of America dot com stop by your local branch. W. CBS news time three oh eight. and weather together on the eight sponsored by miracle noodle crash in the garden state parkway here stern Feldman. and the parkway accident Michael is on the southbound side right are nice to one fifty four in the left lane but traffic is back to one fifty seven and now on the northbound side of the garden state parkway before it's a one forty four we got another accident there and that is got a lane shut down westbound seventy eight after exit forty eight that crashes clear just some leftover delays also still a little slow on route three on the eastbound side in the area of the eastern spur of the crash in the right lane that is still being cleared to Tappan Zee bridge well that's now starting to slow down the delay start in Tarrytown on the Thruway all the way across getting in Iraq than to at least exit twelve for the mall I ninety five in Connecticut is building up to on the northbound side three Stanford through Norwalk as you getting into Fairfield southbound side you still have delays from round exit for two across the line it Porchester through all of that road work trouble on the southern state westbound after exit twenty one that's a broken down vehicle you do have the left lane shot with that and also we got a lease on the northbound side of the sack to close right around playing their drive and that's an accident with the left lane blocked next traffic update less than ten minutes away and all the CBS now it's turned to the weather and CBS twos lease French with the forecast looks like a pretty good weekend overall it does look like a pretty good weekend overall I mean that we definitely have I have seen worse that we've had a pretty good stretch here for the most part this summer and that kind of continue so this afternoon we're seeing partly to mostly cloudy skies as temperatures soared to hover in the mid and upper sixties tonight increasing clouds we dipped to about sixty.

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