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I say maybe I'm buying shirt for eighty dollars just because I like the way fit yeah. I like high. Hold my chest bright say it's too. I sound like the extras and I say is three is stretchy and we're not talking in on pop out hangover yeah. I is that worth eighty. That was two three three. Did it feel good when you were did but at the same time I'm just tripping off light like always yeah I do. I'M GONNA T._J.. Max I'm going there and then I start creeping. Let me see what these underwears feel. Let me see these socks now. I'm with their underwear started from the bottle started from the bottom by three dollar underwear yeah now now black paint that makes me itch. That makes me came. I can't do that but dr but like I'll really bugging off on that like I feel like I'm in then brought up another the thing it made me realize how you can forget your audience that you talking to buy just because you're involved in something that amine somebody else Agasi no my homeboy and he was like minimum to go to a wedding I get a shirt. I was ooh. Look go here kit. This will tell you blood where you tuck it in like. I'm talking about how much like Oslo but eighty dollars blood but I'm telling you is like light Nah Nigga. I'M GONNA like Porna- Ross negative down on flight thirteen. I feel you I was there but now blood like I started getting better and better and better now like he's like. I'm co Blah then when he said I'm cool and made me feel like Buji Nikolai align. No you is y'all are because I was randomly looking at pictures that night and sandy looked over my shoulder and next thing I know she's on Amazon Dot Com looking for address because she was like whatever I was gonNA wear. She's like. I have to take it to another level. I have no idea anybody like I said little so y'all came like and then in a little Birdie was like yeah and they're gonNA try to do a bigger while I'm in the wedding so my my dress is already. We will be in formation this month third time word soup to say hey one Jack Johnson will be information for sure we've been formation but it'd be the same black suit swish low different but my God <hes> a crazy hours talking to my cousin and he is asset blood. Where'd you get that shirt for like this right here? You like it. How much a cost ninety dollars awesome might give me one? Brian had the ruffles. What are you get it from? He saying get spying on checking the spot in L._A.. Said Dr I've been trying to see a solo shot of him because he looked like he had on a extra big Bowtie two he did. I liked it that too yeah. I one mad at them about a nowhere do I don't even they was coming off. No I was shocked to see him. In a pitcher I was like is that solar we saw so 'cause I might have to swipe your host wag the bow-tied ruffles and we'll you're. You'RE GONNA do that Western. We'll call it Britney's wedding. You'd WanNa Bowtie for Bernie's wedding. Mom might get that I want. I want the bow tie in a ruffles a handkerchief if I wanted all I'll add this surprise you on the because he did the three button and I wanNA cook a bomb these too much yeah yeah. That's not you're. You're not going to the proud. I don't even know that I want the ruffles for this event. I don't fancy his so I could take a picture on my head to get the ruffle. Get the ruffles one time to. I don't know I feel like you're suit is not a ruffle suit. I'm with you but what is not a ruffle suit no but what if he did the ruffles with a non ruffle suit they want to suit is not as a non ruffle but he added the ruffled contrast or <hes> <hes> dear wedding art. I'm cool with that with the Russel's. Give you enough time to get it together to get another pair of pants. Man Passes Kinda tight was tight days little snow day. They is and it looks like you you had them him. What I said I was like Jalen Pants? Do those might be. I'm cool with the flood but you you say I say I wanted on top of my shoe right but those are black ankle. jalen pants jalen pans pants. What are you doing pass this? We were out last night. We was hell and will baby as a cat on some vests right. I think they were trying to Zack's wedding and baby s exist the tele big and wills vestment hell a small all we were like. Do you guys got the wrong vessel. GotTa sweet put on Baby S._e.. Get One warned me told US Nigga four months before Lupita foremost before a wedding stupid that was like eight months before the wedding total light. That was the funniest thing ever. Did you record that yeah. That's hilarious. How the crazy but yeah back to this wedding man his wedding was it was nice who could fly nice to drinks was popping up? They will so good nineteen forty two all day. Oh come on that unlimited. Come on now Margaritas may with it ought to John Light. That's what the Margaritas May. That's why they were so good. They will so good. I only have two and I was about one way from being done. I plan on going but the next wedge a breakdown. His wedding was a nice whole. Bentley Reserve that was nice <hes> it was I used to be a federal building bank building or something because he was added vote down there and then they have like tenants and Blah Blah but it was at the Bentley reserved. It was Super Super Pretty <hes> it's like a long how the places set up like a rectangle and then they have the drippings on the side go in the largest centerpieces down the aisle a being big floral arch at the front <hes> white flowers. It was very pretty got there then they came down her bridal party and they it was a really quick ceremony. Eloquence blinked you like her you like her and God and Power Kiss Her artless by dame cry now. No I am the time nobody really cried so fast I mean she almost got me when she was walking down random so it uh-huh turn up and then <hes> Oh man was Hulo funny man my little <hes> cousin dame little son man was in at the end. They had a little Bentley that he will drive down owls. He was last one pulling up the rear with a hell of funny the way he is sitting to slip down slip so yeah warm but you want crying choke the you know you've lived left and right. Hey is how the weird was that was it was no kids. They're a lot of people are doing the no kiss the okay thing go to go. Turn up man. Come come the way to come here and party. I don't want you have to worry about define it straight up. I want you worry about feeding key. Who babysitting now you just get drunk and catch Uber Back Yeah? That's highly early agreement with the kids like ARC is about to turn up. His wedding in a couple of weeks are but we around but is only your kids there. Yes only arc is there. That's different not everybody everybody the kids and they thought to be turned us a small group that you got worry about them and that's understandable because most of Britney's bridal party has kids. Everybody has gets whereas I would assume most Tories brighter party. Don't don't have kids there. I don't think any of them have kids so there you go <hes>. We've got the answer to that and then my cousin's wedding no kids her. What a neither <hes> Um yeah? No kids see now. What sidetracked what you got V._R.? Already forgot then we left in the we have family pictures and then after we took our family pictures New Jersey were able to so just in like the entry way the four year they had upstairs. I never did you go upstairs. I never even went upstairs but then they have the past odor's in the Bar Music Plan <hes> inside out Bacon cheeseburger things those it was upside down Baking Neil T be O._T.'s upside down in <hes> hell. I liked this whole like we're GonNa do the wedding and reception in the same joint yeah yeah. I was Kinda fly. I don't really like the whole like we have by getting your car and <music> is is winning a hall yeah because of the same space at the ceremony was in. They turned it into the reception. You walked in. It's not you walk into like a florist. I it was just like bike. It's just melt so good all the thaws a lot of hours on they spend some money on them flowers man how much you think it just if you take a ballpark home flowers. Oh five figures easy <music>. I'm saying like ten thousand plus. Okay like five three like easy. Howley probably fifteen twenty if not more I would say them? They spent a lot of flowers flowers does with their weddings being so close. Does it create a nice little cousin rivalry not for me so for me I I already was like I was never worried because vision not so much my vision but they're just to different people. There are two different. People is two different events like Tori got married Mary for the first time you know what I mean and we're doing like a vowel new. People already married for twelve years. It's a different Kinda vibe is a whole different kind of wish <unk> energy because I use it where more often actually should yeah come on over boy say them. We're just five <music>. Hello owed by play now. Delays Omega still laying five million Nigam by me yeah so and I was so happy that all my thoughts were confirmed because their the wedding is nothing like ours. Ohka everything is completely different also what was dope don't when they came out and presented them like Mr and Mrs Hayward Bay Confetti in Confetti all over the place now pretty help. They came out with betty but he like even even like like days like D._J.. Was B._J.. Was Hard The D._J.. was like literally literally dancing really yes. There's nothing worse than bad degesch a D._J.. Make or break the party's you can have. This beautiful event D._J.. Is Wack at the is you see when air saying shack was ORB D._J.. Unless you're saying that I didn't really look at it but yeah like shack horrible yeah like we was people so they will sit down to eat on stuff and then anti was.

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