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The leadoff home. Run by David freeze with the lead didn't last long as no Ocoee came right back with four the first edit another a second and really the the chance mitts were in the fifth inning. What have I got knocked out of the game. The dodgers scored a run to make it five to two and a half the time run at the plate for both Justin Turner and Manny Machado. And Corey can able came out of the bullpen and got a couple of Norma sound sculpture live all Machado wanna strike of the strand. The rounders really the dodgers did have many chances. After that. That it was the rest of the way for Jeremy Jeffress and Corbett burns as Milwaukee wins seventy two big RBI double in the first inning for micro stock as part of that four run bottom of the first and he's standing by with Pedro Gomez. Thank you. Hey, obviously back's against the wall. You guys came through. What was it like to play in this game? Especially after you saw David freeze hit the leadoff Homer. You know, obviously that was that was interesting to start the game. But you know, we did a phenomenal job after that settling in. We had some huge hits. After that. In the first and get waiting a nicely news. He'll be the rest force that first sending you guys got to you jumped all over you. What was going on there that you guys were so successful just trying to get a good pitch to hit not trying to do too much? And that's what we're able to do you know that first inning and able to settle down a little bit later on. But you know, that I was force coming into the series. A lot of people were talking about the brewers bullpen. But it was the dodgers bullpen put up better numbers. How much do you think? Tonight was reclamation so to speak. Yeah. Our bullpens fantastic. And there's they got a great bullpen over there to manage gain. Is you know, any game you can get a lead after the fifth sixth sitting it's gonna be tough to come back. And you know, we believe a lot in our bullpen. And they did a phenomenal job today. Mike, thanks for joining. Thank you. We'll see you tomorrow by close is a big part of it in the bottom of the first. But really it's the bullpen that probably deserves the headlines have how about the young man who wrapped it up getting the final six outs. Corbett burn. Is with Pedro Corbin. Your I save was on your major league debut back in July. And now your second career save tonight. What was this one life? This is awesome. Coming into the game six Israeli imagine being as a kid enter to come out. And have it is time environment is kind of fans pretty special. You're in the bullpen..

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