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More more times than not. Overall? This group is just just a much deeper group than we've had in the past, it's gonna be one of the more competitive position groups in training camp. And you also have don't forget you by Darryl Worley, who is who's most likely going to start on the opposite side of Gary on Conley. And he he's returning from an injury that ended his season last year, you've also got rookies Trayvon Molin in is AM Johnson second year man, Nick Nelson. And also they brought in Nevin Lawson in the off season. So, you know, it's very possible, when you look at the, the guys that I just named and there's a couple that I'm, I'm sure I'm leaving off the list. When you look at those guys, it's possible that one or two of these guys do not make the fifty fifty three man roster out of training camp. So it's definitely going to be a group that you want to keep your eye on is going to be very competitive. And. It should be a much improved group in the two thousand nineteen season up next is headlines. Blue forty two said what? What headline number one? It's now official the raiders will be featured on each PEOs hard knocks. You know, this is something that many of us expected to happen. There was a lot of rumors going around that the raiders, you know, we're, we're the favorites to be selected for the show and you know, many of us were hoping that they would be the team that was featured in two thousand twenty as they're moving into their new digs in Las Vegas. But it just wasn't the case in if you're HBO, can, you blame them? I mean, look at this, this cast of characters could you how could you pass that up? It's going to be must. See TV with Antonio Brown and Jon Gruden Mike Mayock. And, you know, there should be some really interesting story lines with this team. Of course, you've got Richie incognito. So I'm sure they're going to be highlighting him. And in having vont has Bertha CT Antonio Brown on the same team should. That's a story line. They're going to wanna point. Now obviously being the final season in Oakland, the three rookie I Sean draft picks. And of course, you've got Derek Carr, who should be. You know a headliner on the show as well. And I'm not sure if if you had a chance to see if not go on the readers raiders dot com. They have, you know, of three or four minute. Video of from the final. Minicamp practice, and it was in Tokyo Brown. Miked up in it was a little preview of what you can expect to see an hard knocks. It's, it's really it was really cool. Really seems like him and Derek Carr, you know have a really good relationship right now. And, and he just he just seems like he is he's primed for a row. Big season. I'm really excited for hard knocks. I'm a big fan, the show. And, you know, Finally I get to watch no we get to watch our team be the featured team. And I watch it every year. So I'm really looking forward to getting a behind the scenes look at you know, some some of these players. Had. They number two silver and black prides dot com lead writer Levi, Damian published a piece this week on the site, and he headlines or he discusses, what he believes the, the depth chart looks like currently with training camp a month away, you know, now that we are through OTA's in many camps. So I'm just going to kind of go through that, that chart will with you real quick. And we're we're going to start with the offense..

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