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See now That's the kind of thing that if you imagine in the third grade, asking the nun this in religion class my belly just that dance King questions that they say that's to me. The whole thing Some people think don't talk about religion. Religious police are interesting to examine, and I don't believe in having any of just how long this is what I believe you've got to think it through. And what does that make any sense to you? So do you believe? Do you believe that Eve screwed everything up? Would you believe that the devil screwed everything up? You lean toward Eve. She was tempted by the devil and given the given the fact that all human beings, you know, that's the whole concept of original center of the seas. This is interesting stuff somehow, in the end, I'm gonna get back to Biden of this. We'll get to that. Should I don't know how you could tie this. The Biden in the blacklist. See that? You're saying Joe Biden is the devil? No, I think Joe Biden is like one of those guys that just bit the apple. That's all he is. I just think if Joe Biden was the devil Ive never would have fallen for it. What a bite The Joe Biden could talk, even eating the apple. He didn't have the brains for it. I mean, Joe, No. Joe Biden is one of those guys that could be talking to eating the apple. I mean, So you're you're still on this thing that Eve is to blame for all of it. No, she didn't have divided on the other hand, apparently or if you are a Christian or a Jew, and I think most religions you believe that all of us said That means we all fall victim to the same temptation of some people argue that we all said, because original sin was created that I've screwed it up for all of us. Did they get back to the blacklist? So who are you claiming is the worst person in there. Adam Eve Cater able Samarkand can killed his brother, for heaven's sakes. You're jealous of me. I mean, That's no good see all those things whether you argued that there literally not. They all become tremendous metaphors for our society of the motivation for why they did it. Jealousy the emotional decision not withstanding the temptation. God puts upon us and I suppose you could ask the question and I think some people have asked the question. What if God is so dog gone? Good. Why do you allow the devil to get in there and tempt even? Why? If God is God, why didn't God just hate have Eve? Not eat the apple, right? Those are good questions that I that to me just answers the call question. I love this stuff that answers the whole question of why there's an earth in the first place. Garden of Eden was apparently the closest thing that you get to heaven that God made a dog One close to perfect, But there is no point in Earth. If Earth is like heaven, if Earth isn't full of misery and crap What's the point of it? The whole point. If you believe the whole point of life is to get to a better life afterwards, you get to have it. Then you can't make earth heaven like there's got to be a testing purpose for it. It becomes a testing ground to prepare you for heaven and also give you something in which you could demonstrate that you were someone that is worthy of heaven and lied to me. The logic behind the notion of heaven and the logic behind the notion of God. Is overwhelming that we didn't just get here because something bang somewhere there had to be a superior power that somehow existed. In some sort of realm to create this from happening, But for people who wonder why does God allow all this suffering? Or why did God let the you know the devil get into the garden and all of that stuff To me? That answer is very, very clear. Earth was not supposed to bathe a be all and end all Earth is designed by God to be screwed up. Not to be completely miserable and not to give anybody an opportunity and fulfillment and he gives you a pathway, but what you can find fulfillment, but it's supposed to be a place filled with challenges. And so on. It's the maze on the board that elect you think of those little mazes with the most runs around there to try to get to the cheese in the middle. That's what planet Earth is. Where this maze running around in here. Then there's all these devils and you claim Joe Biden and they're trying to get in our way as we try to get to the cheese. If there is a look at it with that mascot, Look, look at his nose. He doesn't have it pulled up high enough. Wouldn't you think a guy that's yapping about the mass? I just pulled it up. It's like he hears May Get on with that. You think he's being told it is here? You think they told him it is here to pull his mask up? I do not believe that he could talk while he's hearing in his ear, I I just don't think he has any ability to pull that off. He just said mask. It's sliding down on him again. I mean, for crying, I I could do my I don't want to do it. I could do my show Paul with the mask on and it wouldn't want to impress me. It's harder for me to keep mine over. My oversized giant knows that his little beak that he has on there. Look at it. That thing goes down to his chest. It's so big, but it hasn't ever covered. It's knows what's the matter with.

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