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Welcome fours talk or we're not really horse. We just like word play. Hello and welcome to horace talk for i'm sharon and i'm melinda and oh my god you guys. We are so excited about this episode. Today we are doing a very special interview long distance all the way from new zealand. Unfortunately we are not new zealand but our guest is listeners of our show. No that i have been waiting a very very long time to watch the show. Wellington paranormal it. Finally available in the states and i was thrilled to finally watch seasons one and two this summer and today we are super lucky to get the chance to chat with one of the stars of the show ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show the hilarious and fantastic karen o'leary karen welcome to the show at nine to my thank you very much My cutting. at why why. But he could end our call stave. Okay my 'cause you can i could jerry. China could not even amish person Took to one any Knows funding me etc. How karen you go do what i just see it to you. Why mantis numbers for ya. My my rivers weipa. He my My mom and dad and his safe my pin melissa judge my son is melvyn and my partners awesome and i m karen. I'm from wellington dish. Go so usually we do. Have our guest introduce themselves first off but before we do that we need to give you. And the cast and crew of wellington paranormal. A big huge congratulations. Because you guys are a huge success according to the international streaming guide called. Just watch wellington point. Paranormal was the most stream show in the us. Back in july. Even ahead of ted lasso which one like fifty million emmys just with you. Here is my short matter of time in the next year year. Probably you viewers. So that's what. I think that's a success. What's it like. Being the star of the most streamed showing the us. I it's just sorry. I just i might be laugh at the time and i often put twice over. How happened to me in my lot. If something is paycheck vision for most and then actually ended up on a tv show. That's now number one in the us in the rolling stone magazine like this is really funny. Sport customers get. I can't swear it's called horse talk horse so whereas month as you.

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