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On WTO When a bot doesn't recognize your qualifications I'm Jack label One 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s Here's rob stallworth in the WTO traffic center Thanks sandy Let's do something different folks Let's start in Virginia first on the antelope delays expected leaving the dulles toll road headed up to an across the American legion bridge Michael just called me in 7 corners He said westbound route 50 This is Arlington boulevard near Patrick Henry drive two left lanes are blocked for the crash in response one scene We see eastbound slows as you head toward the crash scene there so watch out for that otherwise 66 eastbound coming past the manassas rest area that left lane block still for the work zone than for the east as it passed nightly street toward the beltway just slow downs there for traveling on I 95 southbound you on the brakes going across the aqua Quan down to one 23 northbound slows in separate stretches between garrisonville and the fairfax county Parkway with traveling to open northbound I three 95 is just a volume going up to and across the 14th street bridge still issues southbound on the GW Parkway to go north down on the I three 95 there and join the rest of the campground if you're traveling on three 95 If you're in Maryland this is no problems being reported on the beltway through Montgomery county early crash on the interlude near old Georgetown road should be on the left shoulder outer loop may have a new problem past Georgia avenue with the reported wreck then delays coming off of the southbound two 70 spur headed toward the American legion bridge Northbound two Sami this is the main and the local lanes as you head towards shady grove road first in the main lanes the right lane is blocked for the extinguished vehicle fire and the local lanes who left lanes were blocked as a result of the extinguished vehicle fire there southbound two 70 local lanes between three 70 and shady grove road we had the left lane blocked for the crash eastbound on the ICC don't do it come and pass cheating grove road We had a single right lane getting by and then I had another caller advised me that it were temporarily stopped eastbound on the ICC with delays coming off of three 55 headed towards city grove road on the ICC alone to traveling on I 95 here in decent shape no problems reported on the BW Parkway the beltway through prince George's county slows in both loops as you make your way between route one college park and route four Pennsylvania avenue but the good news is all you're traveling and reported to be available Of course this traffic report is sponsored by eagle bank clearing the road for you and your business to soar higher learn more at eagle Bancorp dot com I'm rob salwar WTO traffic To storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman A nice quiet start to your weekend a mixture of sun and clouds It will be mild highs in the upper 60s to near 70 tonight partly cloudy not as cold showers possible overnight That's ahead of war showers on.

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