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Limits two seven and several to the papers on all of them report the capture of the british jehadis alexander kotei and out of the shake the express as they were known for their brutality among other hardened extremists overseeing dozens of beheadings carried out by the man known as jihadi john expresses cody is sought by the american state department who have recruited other british nationals the telegraph points are that he was connected to the extremists with links to these seven seven bombings in london says the men may be prosecuted in the united states where is broad terrorism laws can be applied to offenses committed anywhere in the world the all night edition of the washington post reflects on the second shutdown of us government in three weeks it says that despite that republicans and democrats promising to avoid a repeat of last month's deadlock okay he budget this shen gripped congress on both ends of the capital the new york times says the deal has been it had been expected to sail through the senate until the republican senator rand paul took to the floor to demand a spending cap the telegraph has seen a memo that purports to show the jeremy corbyn told the eu's chief brexit negotiator that he was open to britain remaining in the customs union at a meeting with michel barnier anonymous to carbon is also said to a promise to run the brexit talks very differently if he came to power andrew said he would offer a unilateral guarantee on citizens rights labour's said its official position remains that britain could not stay in the customs union wall is outside the european union and denied that it was trying to undermine the government the billionaire financier george soros is derided by the daily mail the funding an anti brexit campaign senior.

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