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But I don't he'll be like that big a price, but no one's priced it up yet. So the difficult to to call. You can a lot of horses who are. Berry decent wrong. The trial night, payments, very, very consistent over the years. Finally won the, the saddlebag last of the. But you know, he's this is his trip. But he's kind of a Brockett is listed Horsely in the always wants to see him sort of level. He would need. They need to call the least underperform to win this. That's possible though looking at the field. The kings? Very disappointing more saw Jesse horns. Night thought would do really well last year. A Louis one is made in. He keeps coming up short, and he was signed a very affectionate in a week listed Rhys here. The silver six unconventionally four he wasn't being very fond of it just doesn't want to win. That's a real problem with him Western Australia. Seem to improve for step up to modify to starts to go to beat myself, but then he went enough to stinker, the queen's violence on maybe that was the grind may. Maybe it was one of the grind, but maybe you know, in a small field contest out of the mouth findings a little bit flashers must follow people are gonna think to be honest, you'd probably rather have him Asaf off the pair. It was having his first run of the season. Nothing I'm a wee bit. Gase is kept would say so last, I'd as well as some as well as Western Australia, did you watch that race, biking, you think you'd want to have masonic, next time they met, I still have slight question marks over his, his stamina? He is a son of Raven's pass, but they were happy to have, you know, jump well, was happy to run on at a modern photo last season. So he clearly thinks he takes after the down side of the family on, you know. Plenty of those state of mind and a half on with any icon, family. There's the styling of the on doctor as well. So. I'd give him another chance to prove it. He says this far and he is one of the few in the race who's, who's open to improvement. I know he's Fronta similar Naveh louima's last three stars which suggests that he's, he's we used to pay. But you know, he he's only high won't start a three year olds. He surely open to improvement on did there and again, as I said, you look through the failed and others half a dozen horses with was only a couple of highs between them on recent form on, I think, as not with much confidence, especially not seeing any prices. And that's a big deal bus. I don't wanna buy selling FRANZ night after after last week for all this would be a penalty Kate forum on his own his best form on I suspect, he's going to be short. So I'm looking for reminding wine. Glenham Asaf might just give you that because the first conclusion Uber to come into as you you're going to test his form by high. The she beat him run a rollouts last week. And giving Western Australia around terribly. People will kind of think well, honestly week four but westerly runs through badly to be true. Four has already being tested with school to improve the Masan might end up in the valley. Weinbloom the Rhys. That depends to a large degree on, on hybrid make extended prices up. So the guests were going on. But I thought I just thought he might be double figures somewhere and if he wasn't double figure price he's the one on for wonder how much people will look back at the Western Australia formed from Newmarket with Persian king and. Magnetic magnet, Grecia Circus Maximus like that form worked exceptionally. Well, then backed it up at Doncaster by running while again and the fact that they're turning him out again so quickly very expensive. Yearling purchase for cool. More of their sure I'm sure there'll be plenty, who, who, like him this to my shortlist. I am thrilled to.

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