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Team starting pitching has struggled the lineup depth has been surprisingly poor this year and it just it's it's feeling like she's not going to be their year and i don't think theo abstain the team press it is going to make a bunch of traits try to prop up a losing horse we were talking more about this thing goes on monday when i was in for a for green era mike mike ernie on espn radio espn news and we asked him if he was a betting man do do you put your money down the cubs make the post season or they don't he said he would put his money down that they would if you're in vegas would you where you would you bet cubs you say no they don't make the postseason i take the field over the cubs just because i haven't seen anything in the team and i look i picked the cubs to go back to the world series to play the indians and lose the needs in the world series this year i thought the dna this is going to be year three of what is a long run a success but there our pitching staff there averaging more than a run more per game than last year that's a huge difference when you look up and down that lineup besides chris bryant besides anthony rizzo they're not getting a lot of performance and they're not going to go out and try to make traits for position players for that lineup because they've so many young guys you're not going to start turning that over yet at the and i i just don't think they're going to start playing well we get missing nothing in how their performing that gives that indication second half of the great game of major league baseball season is upon us so hanbo has prepared a bunch of over under questions for buster and i over owners rajabali came to a bucket el keys dot com in we win at business boat far away through a forty nine and a half home runs for a judge i've gone over uh the brakes matt ryan mcgwire's rookie record uh things aid that as you caught him on monday the mutant his toy to get it done i'm going over forty nine and a half i'm right on the borderline i'll say over but i tell you what we saw.

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