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Shoes. Don't this's the zone welcome. Em zone. Jamie Moore, Dennis pitcher Matt the hit man, Miss Ler er, doing the ones and twos and let's go Right to the phone 734 not a dead 50. Let's go to five o'clock. Jin Mike went up, Mike. J. Lo. I hope this state not not out of Michigan this weekend. Wow. Those are those are those are not good Words might Why are you saying this? Who's the last player that not not out of your your head, buddy? As personal. Do you remember that? I actually do. It happens on the football field all the time. Yeah, they clean you get your nose cleaned out. I got you. All right. I have an ulterior motive that I'm talking about. Let's run that by them. Director Hadley see if he approved of it. Okay? That's why you're saying that. All right, my Dana laying my day laying. That's a very famous song from the past who signed that? Oh cheese, Mark D'Antonio. I was going to say, Hugh Freeze, but now Come on. Hold on Chuck Berry. Chuck Berry Man checked very Why I want Michigan taker ring their bell. So they get ready for the Ohio State game because this is just a ass over game. They have to get ready for the Ohio State game, man. So they get there, not. We're not knock down their head they might get ready for that year. Okay. I think that's one way of looking at things. I get it. D What are you doing for Halloween? Hadley, you watching the game? My gondola and he hung up. He said Peace out, Okay. I heard a piece out 73 for 1918 50. Let's go to Jake in Ann Arbor. What's up? J. So they can graze the Michigan folk offer. Beating Minnesota 49 24. I am pumped up. We are too awesome days away. Totally play party. I'm one game we'll play. I want to hear you are anything when I seek only usually Well oh, 00 baby of global political That's our guy right there. That's you Feel see. There you go. I think he's I think he's a tent. I think I think he's got 100. I think that's what the kids call being 100 Esso and I know we're focusing on on football. Gentlemen with you know, Michigan, Michigan say, you know, and in less than two days, actually, John Rosten from CBS Sports actually has some sources as ah. College basketball is about is less than a month away from coming back as well to the earlier yesterday was announced that the Gavin Ah, with Gavin Games between the Big 10 in the Big East, we're going to be called off for this year, but the A C C Big 10 challenge is still on. And I believe the original imagine was supposed to be. I thought Michigan State was supposed to play Duke or something like that. But they didn't It's again. This is a source from John Ross seen that? For Michigan State, they'll be traveling. To Virginia to take on the Cavaliers, so we'll see if Tom Izzo can tryto break a 50 spot on Virginia. And Michigan will be hosting. A wolf pack of NC state, according to sources on reported by John Ross Steen of CBS Sports Those kind of an interesting magic for our in state AA teams for college basketball. Yeah. Hey, I didn't even know with the exception of you know, some bubbles that they were going toe put together and then maybe not put together that they were even going to be able to play teams from the nonconference anywhere. So a little bit of a surprise here, but good. Surprise. Hopefully they're able to Go out there and travel and play that game. You know that they were talking about have, you know continuing like thie tournament, you know, having a little small tournaments on empties? Yeah, the empties again recalling it, But, yeah, I don't know if he Ah, if the big 10 A CC challenge is going to happen this year, especially after the news yesterday. Of the Gavin Games being postponed. Tio 2021 22 seasons So Ah, well, interesting bit of news right there for for our college basketball fans. Well, it's always good to know. I mean, you look way our basketball fans and we do talk about it, and they are getting ready to start in a couple weeks and the nation practicing doing things to do in interviews down everything so Obviously, the basketball season is the proverbial is right around the corner. Exactly it less than a month away. It's so Yeah, we need to get ready. Everybody's got to get ready. It's going to be I look forward to it. And you know what? I hope they get to finish. Finished because I feel I still feel bad for those teams last year that didn't get the finishing, you know, not even have their conference tournament. Yeah, having some of them start up like Big 10 had the couple games the day before everything shut down. The Big East, I think was like the last of the of the conferences to finally just say, No, we can't can't do it not going to do it so Good to be good to see. Hopefully to see these guys back on the court and ah, trying to reclaim Ah ah basketball season that was still kind of questionable going into. Ah! Going into getting closer into the fall. Yeah, basketball. It's it's good to hear that that, like basketball so far away is kind of Ah, you know, hopefully they're able to prepare and play. But it's It feels like man. It is so far away. That it's hard to think about and look forward to just like this game like they're hopefully give credit for Michigan State for something for Mel Tucker. You know, there was a thought earlier in the week that Hey, they money and I want to play. This game will be no contest, so I'll give him credit for getting on the buses and driving down and over. To Ann Arbor. If they show up to play, I'll give him credit for that. And like, so we're not see like you know, you try to maybe bag out like if you're Ah, Spartans, and in this football season, hoping everything gets cancelled and all out of their fans, Where are kind of thinking that like second, like, Yeah, let's just be super safe and let's just shut this down for this year. But they're not going to and it looks like they are going to show up and play. So we'll see you Saturday. If they do that, so I give him credit for that. I don't think that much of a chance to win the game. You know, I've been watching the The game, the little Brown jug game for this past Saturday, and you know, we've talked so much about Joe Mellon. There's two passes that I've seen that I could say that he might want to throw a little bit better. The first Siri's Giles Jackson, he throws over the middle to him. No, that ball was not right on the money and a little bit better. You know that deep shot that he took of the second quarter. It was a nice play call of the idea there. Roman Wilson streaking down. There was a post route to the middle, and I threw it up five yards over his head. But you know, he was..

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