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No one says that any more. Say giddy must say to you. Happy made a two. Happy made it. The thing of the past. Isn't it? It's old fashioned. May I used to be then people would they would the may polls. Yes. Yes, we gather around his kids get the may pole dance around in the neighborhood. Even know what a maypole is. Really? I don't I I mean every did that. Oh, it's a stick with the ribbons. It's the may pole. But when we used to my mom, you know, she would tell us to go get flowers and things and then go to the neighbor's house or some someone in the neighborhood. So nice lady, and and you're not gonna door and run and you leave the flowers, and they would find the flowers that was made when I was a kid had firecrackers. You went with the firecracker route hallmark. Bloom flower. That's what people were yelling when the doors. Anyone does that anymore? Do you have a maypole? I don't think we did that we didn't do that. Fun May Day celebration. Really, do you serious absolutely serious? Yes. There was a preschool and up on the hill. There was a may pole and we got to walk around. It. You've got to walk around the maypole with with a ribbon. And yeah, it was. Tastic is is there a reason they was what's the I don't know? We just walked around with a ribbon around a pole. I don't remember ever doing that in school. I really don't also old fashioned. Anyhow, I don't know that anyone does this anymore. It's just another month. First AMA, right. Did anyone out there? Walk around me. May fall today. I doubt they do that in school anymore. But if you know what there's something it's very charming, very charming. There's something to be said about it. So I missed doing that every may first if you like it should have less lowers on someone's doorstep and knocked I'm just too old to be knocking and run in from the door. You know what I mean? Flowers. Later. Thank you have a song for you. Do if you know, this can leave your listeners, ready speaking, you know, it's made. Oh, man..

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