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Time because you're made now it suffers so it wasn't fried yukimi do kinney's the beloved deputy it was baked dessuki i hold on hold on and they should have known better because our s t l a eu the words you get there is fried itzar fry but i got an it uh but anyway so then what happens after it's not fried yukimi it's bake zucchini they look into the envelope yeah yeah yeah yeah i've had heard now we have to them we don't wanna see the molina but we did gene leila no beijing will love to say oh this is awesome while that was bad i felt bad of riot juki you can go do our twitter account ngo and jones jerry oh and to watch the video because of visual is unbelievable phil birth on i i actually did i really did for the older guy because he he came he was sure at a landslide be every good says they're used as he came to him in that moment sure ugh jake you'd friji added wai di arrive in there with him in the girl was a fries are key in as ajax new and then and then he his reactors error is it would have a i really did feel bad because you think about that you get that million dollars you could take care your grandkid's not stopped near hangzhou star cinema collagen the yeltsin they still won twenty four thousand dollars a night but he was like oh i don't know if they say this includes who would like to give me a measly twenty four thousand dollars on a million dollars that really long shot the crowd right after an arrogant this guy camp to skied air raid all is so just wide somali ozone thought grip wall here too bad well too bad um you can dan nonplayoffs see why would you not why would you do that has chairs no reason the live now knows hit raises the plenty plenty reasons allowed okay grant aid after the this port did make it on tv but i heard that as a cameras stopped he's saying i want to die i i i don't want to live although he will give the is that i guide you could add a million baht gene his soon pena.

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