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An anti attention blocker an ace inhibitor or an aarp that stops that mechanism from causing blood pressure spikes those are very very good medications and so it depends on what you need we'll use those medications now what's a stroke if you don't control your blood pressure or if you're prone to getting clots you're gonna stop blood flow to the brain we've talked about that you have a schemic strokes which are most common and then you have hemorrhagic strokes eighty percent of all strokes are these it's like a class kind of like a heart attack except to the brain tissue plaques come from arteriosclerosis they could break off smaller vessels of the brain hemorrhagic strokes is where you're going to bleed in the brain so you lose blood flow to the brain seat belts in the brain tissue etc and so the signs of a stroke or pretty scary stuff sometimes the speech will be slurred the texting we'll come out very off if you're like what am i wife text me remember somebody diagnose a stroke in his wife because the texts were all garbled if you have weakness on one side of the body if he loses balance if you have numbness on said the body if you have vision issues headache facial droop so these are things that could be a a stroke so we need to treat it if you have an schemic stroke we're going to be giving you aspirin and probably tissue plasminogen activator we are going to want to remove and dissolve that clot immediately we surgically remove them sometimes will dilate the arteries bring blood flow to the brain but the hemorrhagic stroke however we gotta stop the bleat and then we have to improve flow to the brain we may bypass the vessel we may clog the agritourism with quarterly like in a vascular embolism asian of sorts of things but i mean we need to work quickly so you think somebody's having a stroke one the american stroke association uses the acronym called fast facial drooping arm weakness speech difficulty in time to call nine one one so if you guys remember fast for the face arm the speech time to call nine one one.

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