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Fine. <Speech_Female> How is <SpeakerChange> it been on the relationship? <Speech_Female> We've actually <Speech_Female> been been <Speech_Music_Female> doing really great. <Speech_Music_Female> We <Speech_Music_Female> are like two <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> ships passing in the night <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> half <Speech_Music_Female> the year <Speech_Music_Female> because of our <Speech_Female> travel schedules. <Speech_Music_Female> And what we will <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> do for work. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> We have <Speech_Female> really just <Speech_Female> been enjoying each <Speech_Female> other's company so much <Speech_Female> because <SpeakerChange> we don't get <Speech_Female> it very often. <Speech_Female> I love that you and your <Speech_Female> actual family are thriving <Speech_Female> right now. <Speech_Female> We also <Speech_Music_Female> got to talk about your Fuller <Speech_Female> House Fan. <Speech_Female> You guys returning <Speech_Female> to Netflix on June. <Speech_Female> Second for your <Speech_Female> final <Speech_Female> season. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> Are you ready <Speech_Female> to say goodbye? <Speech_Female> It <Speech_Female> was so hard <Speech_Music_Female> to say goodbye with so <Speech_Female> hard to shoot that <Speech_Music_Female> very last episode <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> the trailer <Speech_Music_Female> has been released <Speech_Female> now for the <Speech_Female> last nine episodes <Speech_Female> and when <Speech_Female> it came out on instagram <Speech_Female> together <SpeakerChange> day <Speech_Female> I was <Speech_Music_Female> falling. <Speech_Female> I was <SpeakerChange> crying <Speech_Female> so hard. <Speech_Female> And we've had a chain <Speech_Female> of text messages <Speech_Female> with <Speech_Female> the cast and everyone's <Speech_Female> prying and <Speech_Female> everyone's feeling <Speech_Female> the love and everyone <Speech_Music_Female> wants to get together <Speech_Female> and everyone wants <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> doom <Speech_Female> reunion. But <Speech_Female> I haven't even seen <Speech_Female> the final episodes <Speech_Female> yet so I can't wait <Speech_Female> to watch along with <Speech_Female> the fast but I'm <Speech_Female> GonNa have my tissue <Speech_Music_Female> box <SpeakerChange> to me. <Speech_Female> I sure I <Speech_Female> can see <Speech_Female> zoom reunion happening <Speech_Female> with you guys in <Speech_Female> the near future. We're GONNA <Speech_Female> need it while we're in <Speech_Female> this <Speech_Female> well. We're all trying <Speech_Female> to focus on wellness <Speech_Female> more than ever these <Speech_Female> days. So I thought we'd <Speech_Female> play a little game <Speech_Female> of self <Speech_Female> care with candace <Speech_Female> rapid fire. <Speech_Female> I what's the <Speech_Female> one thing you're doing <Speech_Female> to stay <SpeakerChange> sane <Speech_Music_Female> for healthcare <Speech_Female> so regimented <Speech_Female> with my <Speech_Female> skin care <Speech_Female> routine. <Speech_Female> I think many people <Speech_Female> know that I use Dr <Speech_Female> Lam Sir <Speech_Female> and I like <Speech_Female> the three piece method <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> every day morning <Speech_Female> and night. <Speech_Female> It doesn't get <Speech_Female> better than this but I <Speech_Female> need my skin to <Speech_Female> be great <Speech_Female> because it's the first thing <Speech_Female> people see and <Speech_Music_Female> if my skin is created <Speech_Female> that means I feel pretty <Speech_Female> and <SpeakerChange> that because I <Speech_Female> feel safe. Oh <Speech_Female> my gosh. Please send <Speech_Female> that my <SpeakerChange> way candidates. <Speech_Female> I need <Speech_Music_Female> all of it. <Speech_Female> You <Speech_Female> got it. What's your <Speech_Female> go to way <SpeakerChange> to work up <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> a sweat. Okay <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> well you know because we worked <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> out together <Speech_Female> here. So fitness <Speech_Female> asked is my <Speech_Female> number one. I've <Speech_Female> been doing that just <Speech_Female> about every <Speech_Female> morning. Unless <Speech_Female> they get to work with her <Speech_Female> work out with her <Speech_Female> on facetime. But here's <Speech_Female> my other little fun <Silence> thing that I do <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> because it makes you <Silence> happy. <Speech_Female> I just <Speech_Female> giggle and smile <Speech_Female> the whole time I'm <Speech_Female> doing. <Speech_Female> What's your number one tip <Speech_Female> for parenting <SpeakerChange> while <Speech_Female> on lockdown <Speech_Music_Female> wine? <Music> No <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> you <Speech_Female> don't <Speech_Female> like yes <Speech_Female> or no but <Speech_Female> I have older <Speech_Female> kids down so <Speech_Female> they're actually <SpeakerChange> really helpful. <Speech_Female> I guess my <Speech_Female> my mom. <Speech_Music_Female> My mom tip <Speech_Music_Female> is <Speech_Female> have the kids health <Speech_Female> would breakfast lunch <Speech_Female> and dinner. Because that's all <Speech_Female> we're really doing <Speech_Female> important <SpeakerChange> is cooking <Speech_Female> right so <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> we cook <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> fake clean. <SpeakerChange> They <Speech_Female> COOK RE CLEAN. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> If the good <Speech_Music_Female> hack it's <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> Worked WELL FOR US. <Speech_Female> I love it <Speech_Female> candidates. Thank <Speech_Female> you so much for joining <Speech_Female> us. Cape crushing <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> it. And having <Speech_Female> the best time ever over <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> there thank you <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> I. Will you <Speech_Music_Female> buy <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> before we <Speech_Female> go? We have to discuss <Speech_Female> one more thing. <Speech_Female> Would <SpeakerChange> you <Speech_Female> quarantine your dog <Speech_Female> for Oprah? <Speech_Female> The answer is yes <Speech_Female> on Oprah magazines <Speech_Female> in Sarim life. <Speech_Female> She revealed her dog. <Speech_Female> Sadie is <Speech_Female> eighteen in the guest house <Speech_Female> because she has an

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