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Bucket fema seizure hanky as you sorry john louis faces before but what's about to happen these i'm about to move into your living room to to kcet a hang on visions of waking up nine c send can you often someone's breaking coming death as finding and you've just code for kfc could just like hunched over book ichiken my place which i have to say should you do that that stays that would be the most awesome ever these i would say what if you break my window to get out but i just possibly we have this sunday you're like see this is what you need to do is you need to some have convince out nor do we need to wrote to colonel sanders get them to deliver half sese bombing so that you're not a live show we could just get cheeky everywhere she just took it all the time known stop ticking calls chickens homes i think the people listening to the show would get real sick of cherry dead on taking constantly enough fingers prodi joins on that note these stuff yes wore dot way from segment are we doing all right about trump piece let's do stupid musical musings i listed on a mighty executive decision barring with doing it your took those up well.

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