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President Trump, President Obama, FOX discussed on Rosie On The House


Just a Konami is it I'm Pam who sell Fox News as the US economy roars, both President Trump and his predecessor are taken credit for it. President Trump loves to talk about the economy whenever he talks about the successes of this administration. The economy is usually one of the first things that he mentioned when he criticizes the media. He often says that we don't spend enough time talking about the economy. He says that the economy will lead Republicans to victory across the board come November. When you talk to Democrats, most of them will say that the economy is doing well now because of policies and steps President Obama took during his time in office and that any upward trajectory began during the Obama years that is something that President Obama agrees with FOX's Ellison Barbara outside the White House while speaking in Illinois guests today, President Obama said that the groundwork for healthy growth was established under his watch. President Trump countering in North Dakota. He's like in the economy under him to a rocket ship and overnight house fire in southern California has killed a ten year old girl the child's parents and three siblings or hospitalized along with a firefighter. That's according to local media in Los Angeles. One fire official says the mother was able to push the three children who survived out a window. The cause of the fire has not been determined. The surf is getting rougher along parts of the east coast as tropical storm Florence approaches. A state of emergency already declared a North Carolina as forecasters predict the system will regain hurricane strength these models. They look much more in agreement than they did before they're much more clustered. So that's giving us more competences going over plenty warm water. And at this point we expected to become a major hurricane. We would be talking about impacts being felt some time on Wednesday morning, right along the Carolina coast, FOX meteorologist, Rick reichmueller. Fox.

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