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North Korea, President Trump, China discussed on Bill Martinez


John. I sat down yesterday and the old executive office building talk to whether or not we ought to be doing business with China. They have a lot of business partners United States, should Google should Facebook be helping the People's Republic of China develop tools of information filtering, and basically control when this is a nation that has admitted that a million why guards in concentration camp, I think vice president Pence spoke very eloquently on that point at his speech at the Hudson institute last week, and I think the biggest applause line he got was when he said that the information technology sector don't cooperate with the Chinese in in this effort. I would say to shareholders of these companies that portray themselves as the open internet transparent future. Really you wanna make money off of repression. I if I were shareholder I'd I'd want to know what the answer of our corporate leadership was on shareholders, though, we certainly would not have allowed in prewar Germany Americans to sell the crop ironworks the design for Newark. Tillery? Are we is there a role for the government to step in in the Silicon Valley and control technology transfers, well, we're looking at the export control area? Look, we did this and continue to do it. In terms of dual use technology that could affect nuclear chemical or biological weapons or ballistic missile development. I think in cyberspace were entitled to do the same thing not because we've abandoned free market principles. But because we have to be realistic about the adversaries we face in the world today that use the fruits of American freedom against this. And we shouldn't let that happen. We want to do it in ways to protect our open economy, but deny others the ability to take advantage of it or return to the previous administration in Bob Woodward's book, a lot was overlook one thing that was overlooked was a candidate mission that they had hidden the scope of the North Korean nuclear problem from the country. So that they had. President Obama had to warn President Trump. But that was his biggest problem did they in fact, conceal the extent of the problem and were we prepared for preemptive strike that Woodward described well, the Obama policy they described this strategic patience that is a synonym for doing nothing about North Korea. And it's another example of a due Bill coming due for President Trump. I think the combination of the potential use of military force against North Korea and the maximum pressure campaign that the president waged on the economic front is what has brought Kim Jon onto the table. Mike Pompeo's just returned from another trip there. We'll see a meeting I think between chairman and President Trump's sometime in the next couple of months. We'll see other efforts go forward. The president has held the door open for North Korea. He gave him a great little movie in Singapore. When he met with Kim Jong nine that showed what North Korea's future could be. So the doors open they need to denuclearize completely and irreversibly. And if they do that and walk through the door, the future could be very different for the North Korean people. John Bolton has been known for twenty years as the most skeptical of skeptics feel good diplomacy. Are you feeling good about the diplomacy with North Korea? Look, I don't think we'd be in the place. We are today if we'd continued to pursue Barack Obama's policies. I think four more years of that under Hillary Clinton would have guaranteed in North Korea with deliverable nuclear weapons the future remains uncertain on the president's diplomacy. He's optimisitic he presses heart. He does not have stars in his eyes about this. Now, they're Mike Pompeo neither Jim Mattis. Neither do I should we be encouraging our allies to match what the Chinese are doing the creation of artificial atolls and the armament of the Philippines. Japan can do it ought to be doing. Well, I think we've got to do more I to establish for the Chinese. We do not acknowledge the legitimacy of any of this. The ship near collision. You mentioned is an example of how dangerous Chinese behavior is we have now got more participation by allies. The British the Australians and others are sailing with us through the South China Sea. We're going to do a lot more on that. I think we could see more exploitation of mineral resources in the South China Sea with or without Chinese cooperation, they need to know, they have not achieved the fete accompli here. This is not a Chinese province and will not be earned getting the wind up. So I have to ask you to. Thanks, Russia's in the rear view mirror and Christopher Wray said this yesterday, they're worried about today's problems China's worried about tomorrow's problem how much our strategic thinking stuck in a Russia. I as a problem and not focused on China as the major geopolitical strategic challenge of the next century. Well, I think we do see China as the major issue of the century. I don't think we're stuck in the review mirror. But what I would say is in a world. That's now post post cold. War. We are in a very complex environment. The United States faces a range of challenges globally summit, the strategic nuclear level summit the level of terrorist threats. We've got to be prepared across the spectrum of threats in a way, we've never had to be in our history in the nineteenth century, we were much more isolated than we are today. We are the global power and our threats our global as well. And what is the president's grasp of the geopolitical complexities of the world. We get this question all the time you deal with him daily. Well, I think he's got all the grasp of it. He needs the one difference between President Trump and other presents is his economic background. And he sees and emphasizes economic issues in a way, we've not seen in a long time that confuses some people, but as you follow him through it. He is striking at problems that have been deviled the United States for a long time that we haven't addressed almost at all jumbled. And thank you for your time. Thank you all that is now posted over at hughhewitt dot com. Tom Hewitt dot com. If you want the idea or the transcript of Dr been.

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North Korea, President Trump, China discussed on Bill Martinez

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