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Necessarily hurt them or hurt their business in in any way shape former fashion jessop perception of the athlete that i can do business with somebody that looks like me think like me dressed like me the saying music as i do but still with trust in them to do business at a high level and executing come through theft never been done so you necessarily can't how point the finger at anybody all i'm saying is i've always said going on be to represent guy allow you represent and if you really look at it they're like minded people ways at some in so area you're going to have a point of interest that that allows you to have connection with that person and grow from that that that's just that's the the planet is planet wherever that connection is that's when you plan to see and that bond worlds that's just that's just it i understand i can't represent every put you know but it was different for some people when they really position on man and they had the best athletes in the world they had aligned down the street who died without ever halfcentury really present or do anything it was just hey this is huge and that far uh i'm a big boy i'm a man in a day of razor than i have i have first that's that's going to grow to be men and i've learned from my dan it that you take the bill which your swimming it is what it is all i can do is push for and do what i do the best job i can do for my gosh will there be one or fifteen or twenty five and if i can change one person's life the perspective on life the perception on the business educate them help to create a family structure.

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