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Zoom dot US zoom video conferencing. Storm Rosa is bringing heavy rain to parts of the Baja California pensinsula and southwestern U S landfall is expected tonight. Forecasters say the storm will weaken as it moves into our Zona. There are flash flood watches in effect for six states to researchers one from the US another from Japan have won the Nobel prize in medicine for cancer treatments using the body's immune system. Dr Jim Allison says it's all about making progress that a lot of hard work to do. But optimism comes from the fact, I think we know the basic rules now, we've just got to work hard and learned the details and develop more personalized treatment. Allison from the university of Texas at Austin shares a one million dollar prize with two suco on Joe of Kyoto University. The other Nobel prize winners will be announced this week a pizza delivery driver in Sheboygan county. Wisconsin is being hailed a hero for calling police about a woman who seemed to be in distress as he was dropping off in order to really had a black eye. And she pointed to it. And I were she helped me reading I swear she also said all the police sheriff's deputies say when they arrived. They could hear the woman screaming for help a man in the home. Fifty five year old dean hop and facing a series of charges including suspicion of kidnapping, false imprisonment and strangulation. They thank the delivery driver for the help. This is ABC news. It's time to join the millions of people using zoom conferencing, turn any size.

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