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Let me see one more turn. Why would they get hold on. This is dead pretty easy to his. Dad doesn't count. it's a shame. It's fucking impressive though man. Yeah he's looking super thickness sue producer. Your boy mark what fort fuck. He has a opponent announced. Now cora out of all the pictures. Michael james corden at of all the patient of my boy mate the thorny us when we looks like the yellow bastard okay from cincinnati. I mean we all get older. Yeah i guess so. That's opponent his record five. Yeah he's about to get dealt with. This was crazy. I just saw this today. Conor mcgregor signing on for charity will wheelchair boxing match on september eleventh. And it's the guy that does his impressions. Have you heard this guy's impressions o'connor it's like insanely good growth in wheelchairs and fighting. It sounds pretty crazy but for charity. All right this. Is dan hardy and john wing parr talking to each other about potentially doing a multi bout so. That's drawing part talking to our mentioned. Dan hardy here the good sporting for dance burden case mortality met. Since we're both older makes perfect sense. I welcomed him abi cool Cage mouton yellow. Both of them. And then dan hardy is down four to john. Wayne parr buffet tastic. Yeah that'd be dope quits truckers and now that. Dan's isn't with us like that. Or bt bt bt sport thinks he must have changed Like he's not on so busy being replaced him on the sports stuff when they do the breakdown. It's not dan anymore. It's bisbee interesting. I know or this'll be a fun match to watch. What of both those guys. And then your boy robin robin black. I just saw. I saw this video of him. Is this his eye. Makeup robin tech knows in town but is same. When big josh and a big john mccarthy i just couldn't get with him but now it was time for this. He's now magician where we don't want you to it so now he's with karate combat which is great here. We.

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