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And yeah you have to go outside the us for new sources about this stuff because the us media does not want to cover There's a looming disaster in the middle east as iran gets stronger. If iran gets stronger they just will continue to stir the pot and it's going to be trouble more. Be right back. You're listening to republic keeper and now republic keeper with brian. Kelly welcome back and yeah the address on the screen there for those. You want to send a check. Help out its republic keeper broadcasting pillbox four nine one woodinville washington ninety zero seven two dash zero four nine one and i'll just reiterate. Hey if any money comes in because you senate in no fox news. There's no nbc. There's nobody behind this. It's you and me together do the work and I depend on you guys. So thank you for those of you in some new sponsors this week supporters in a super grateful. Just no i see everyone. I do send you notes back i. I'm trying to get to those fast as i can I'd give shout outs on the air. But i don't want to threaten you home. Boy you want. Is your name associated with a right wing broadcast. Maybe in america today so the this is really an important thing on this around thing i want to. I can't emphasize enough for those of you. Who are not and i. I'm sorry those somebody. I know you know this. I know a lot of you know this. I'm sorry if you wanna make sure that that it's clear. The idea that islam is monolithic. And that we can think about the saudis and the iranians in the same sentence is it's ridiculous. It's as ridiculous as the idea that the pulp. And and benjamin. Netanyahu are going to be the same religion. They're just totally different. And the iranians see the saudis as illegitimate want them off of the arabian peninsula. The iranians believe they are the rightful owners and managers of mecca and medina and every holy site in islam. And they think that the all of the arabs that's jordan cutter egypt saudi all of the arab countries. The iranians think that they are wrong and that they are ultimately destined to be under the domination of iran Boy i'll tell you. I miss mike pompeo more than ever. I miss somebody who had a clear. I'd understand this and here it is. Here's pompeo responding to their. Are recent motions airbase loop gone on them. See if i can do those sort. What do you make of the attack that landed on the us forces What they're leading there in erbil You know there's a lot of speculation that iran is behind them If they are what is the proper response with the biden administration shannon we. We saw this time and time again when we were in charge of the iranians since weakness though what we did is that when they came after an american we made this very clear whether they attacked in american through a proxy force in iraq where they attacked in american through hezbollah in syria wherever it was wherever around responsible. We were gonna hold the iranians accountable. That's the kind of strength that built the deterrence model that we had with respect to iran. I hope that the this current ministration won't give up on that. We we know that. Under president obama they coddled. The iranian regime. Signed up for deal that presented a pathway a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon of the iranians will sense that. That's the deal they can strike. They'll continue inflict costs on the american people. We we can't go back when he's president biden. Talks about going back. The american people can afford to go back to those policies. I don't want to be insulting insulting. But truthfully democrats approach to this. Like five year olds. Well they said they wouldn't do it anymore. So we're going to believe they literally approach it like five year olds. Whatever the iranians say the democrats all right and those who don't who know that they're lying. Don't care because they need. They need iran. They need iran to launder. Money through a tall has gone into a program bitcoin. Why is it that. Bitcoin spikes every time there's a change in us administration's why is that. Could it be that. A lot of corrupt officials need to move their money. So something else said secretary blinken said today with respect to the iran deal and where they are with regard to a nuclear weapon He says having pulled out that actually lifted the restraints on them that got them this much closer to a nuclear weapon. He says iran is closer today to having the ability to produce material for weapon. Then when the deal was enacted and puts the blame there on the trump administration essentially look so secretary of lincoln's right about their amount of fissile material but this highlights the failure of the deal that they struck him and it was just a crappy deal. it's created a clear pathway for nuclear weapon allowed the regime to have one hundred fifty billion dollars worth of cash. You remember remember the pallets of cash. There were transported to the regime as a result. This deal now. The iranians knew that they had the capacity to push president obama around to get a deal that gave them the pathway to a nuclear weapon and hard. Ministration didn't permit that to happen. We put real costs on them with the regime under enormous pressure and we reduce the rest for the american people that iran have a nuclear weapon whether it was the strike. The president took against chemical weapons in syria making clear when we drew a red line. We meant it whether it was the strength. We took to destroy. Qassem soleimani the leading progenitor of iranian terrorism. I think the iranians came to understand that we were serious about protecting america. I'm counting on this next administration to do the same again. This is up. Pompeii illustrates so well. I say they're like five year olds. They say they're not gonna they're not gonna produce fissile material they were producing it the whole time. And so the only difference between us pulling out of the deal and us being in the deal is by pulling out of the deal. We didn't keep the charade going that they weren't producing nuclear material. We let the world know that they were in fact producing the nuclear material that they said that they weren't and that there was no reason to stay in a deal that they weren't honoring and what the biden administration wants to do is go back into another deal. These people won't honor and it's kinda like you know if if you've got a girlfriend or boyfriend or a husband or wife cheats on you you know. And they say they won't do it again and they say they won't do it again and they.

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