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Millions of lives to tell us how i welcome david miller band it is really a great pleasure and honor to be here at the commonwealth club tonight i read that almost every expresident has come and spoken here and i was told even spoken for free someone said they were worth every penny of the of the fee but i feel really pleased to be in this crowd tonight four i hope will be a genuine conversation daniel emigrate admira of the world that you're doing with tipping point extraordinary civic leadership and in a way the basis of what i'm going to talk about tonight is why and how when governments are in retreat from various social economic international challenges it's for civil society in the private sector to step forward and it seems to me that you are a shining example of how that can be done something that we tried to emulate in some of our work and i hope we'll make for productive conversation i want to start with a story and it's a story about a young man who was born in budapest in one thousand nine hundred eighty six budapest is in the news for all the wrong reasons those of you who who have been following the election campaign that this young man he was jewish and he had rheumatic fever as a young boy which left him with a permanent hearing problem but in one thousand nine fifty six after the events of nineteen fiftysix subjugation of the hungarian people he fled he fled thanks to the international rescue committee we helped him get to new york in new york we helped above all the biggest change in his life we gave him his first hearing aid and we enrolled him in the city college of new york he studied chemical engineering and he discovered he got a talent and from the city college of new york he got to do his phd in berkeley and he came to berkeley he was a great success there he went into business his name was undress graph but in the us he anglicized his name's he he he he changed his name to andy grove andy grove some of you know was actually the founder the ceo of intel he literally changed all of our lives and his leadership meant that he was called the world's greatest ceo he was time magazine man of.

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