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Seven and now there's a church in dallas that has ninety six large orange orange crosses stars of david and stars and crescents in their front yard between the stained glass in the street reports the dallas morning news and they're up there because they're trying to show ninety six people die from quote unquote gun violence a day in america something like that to that effect in they're up there and they're going to stay up there for the nra convention in dallas this is at a preston hollow church and they they're they're really a take pains to let you know this is within one mile of george w bush's house and so this church is is being lauded and honored and i've got one of their sign on there church what do they call that the beginning of the big sign out there that lights up at night and everything that we always see the churches that have message on this there says love your muslim and lgbtq neighbors as yourself i'll share my thoughts on that but the antigun stuff and some of the specific things that they have on their display the church because they're saying that this is this is what jesus would want this is what jesus does i'm gonna tell you why the wrong next california highway workers space buckets of human feces urine needles as the homeless crisis worsens twenty five percent of all homeless in the nation now live in california if you can call that living in the cost to clean it up topping ten million dollars why would you want to be a sanctuary state and by the way texas is closed i'm rick roberts two to five on newstalk eight twenty wnba summer vacation folks we have been telling you this on the show for years texas.

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