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Is i love when somebody has that. Same kind of feeling about their home and cova has certainly expanded that the importance of home is so demeaning of home sense. Jane ali safe out and safety. I mean this is a new york people moving out to new jersey or wherever. You're moving out from philadelphia. I mean we're seeing it right. They they care about their family life. They want to have a safe haven for everybody right. I think it's going to change. I mean we already see it. They're getting tired of driving two hours. Back to manhattan back as you saw it in. La fast people are getting sick of it. You know when when cohen was going on they said. Oh we'll be able to work home half the time anyway so it doesn't matter if it's an hour-long commute instead of twenty minutes now they're finding they have to go to work every single day and that alan community thought they had is more like an hour and twenty minutes. That's three hours of your day. That's that's do that in seattle. When i lived in gig harbor and i worked at this. Ultra high end cabinet showroom where we sold william owes downs view. All these ultra high end luxury brands and Val kitchen cabinetry all these different.

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