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To understand what you're spoken voice means in relation to advertising to marketing to business. And and Google basically uses the combination of all these different touchpoints, your smart speakers. Your your search browser. Um and of course, also the other products that we offer like waves and Google fights, for example, and it understands what that means. So the the fact that Google can leverage You know, it's it's over. 260 companies have led us brought up over time, and then I can aggregate all of that data for for a singular purpose being well what to say it world domination. It's really incredible. Um it's really incredible, and they basically used that data to make it impossible to compete. You know, if you if you try to offer a competing service to any of Google's products, I mean, shoot. You're already handicapped because you don't have that data already. But Google does, so they're going to find a way to offer something to the market that's immediately relevant immediately valuable and doing so there. They're creating value for the user. But you know, at the end the kind of at a higher level there really limiting the ability for the market to compete and offer other options right And that's what people default to they'll default to Google. There have been other search engines. I mean, We know who the search engines are. In the bad old days. It was just Internet explorer. But now there are other search yet, but they don't. They don't have a fraction of the traffic that that Google has. I don't know. You know, You've never heard of this thing. This Alexis thing ever heard about this thing? I I got this. I got this TV. They call it a smart TV, right? And you press the button. You say I don't even want to say it out loud. Well, I'm not pressing the button. We don't have smart TVs here in the studio. We got a lot of dumb people on the T V in the studio, but not smart people. Uh, you press the button. Say, Alexa, find over. Well, where? Where do you think that information goes? It just doesn't stay in that little remote that you're that you're holding in your head. It goes somewhere and it stores it and Google will do a search. It will go through what you're doing, and it will store that information. You know, as they say, to make your next search Easier, but it's it's really I think you'd have to be naive to think that it's just storing it there to make your next experience with Alexa or with Google, unless less traumatic. Or make the next search easier. They're storing that information and they're controlling as you say exactly what you can see when you go back onto their service. Yeah, Even Jeff Bezos really kind of admitted before Congress that Yeah, we we, We house all of this data, and we're not supposed to look at it. We're not supposed to use it for certain things beyond you know, ensuring great quality of experience. But the reality is is we know Amazon has been using its third party seller data to create products that then compete against the very merchants that utilize their platform of a partner. So you know, are they going to use my data for good things that they can use it for evil? A little bit of both. I think right now we've seen a little bit of both right and so moving forward. The idea is to make sure that They're not able to do so. And when they do that there is a remedy for that, which actually might be a more severe version of True antitrust break up. Yeah, Yeah, Adam, Missouri, our guest chief marketing officer, Agency Partners Interactive digital marketing marketing firm. Um okay. This is, you know, it sounds good. It sounds like there's some chest beating now going on in Washington. And even if the big texts are playing in your favor, stand by in a couple of years, you may be their targets. You and I have talked about that. You're not going to crack down on these guys. These guys can buy, sell and spit out anybody in Washington, D C, including the president of the United States. This is going to be more like a negotiation. When they bring in Zuckerberg, or when they bring in V. Zoe's or were they bring in? Uh, you know, the guy that looks like he hadn't bathed in three weeks. It runs Twitter. What Catholic characters? Yeah, they What's that? The Catholic character, Castaway character. Yeah. Talking about Jack Dorsey? Yeah. Yeah, right. The guy that talks to the soccer ball when they bring all these people in, what are they going to say? We're going to crack down. They're not going to crack down on these people. They're going to negotiate with them, and it's going to be a negotiation, not a crackdown. Most likely, Yeah, I mean, Unfortunately, you're talking about these organizations that do will that effect of power of a government? You know, In some cases, A lot of these companies have much more revenue than than a lot of countries around the world. So is this the negotiation? Is it a true crackdown? You know, I think publicly in the headlines will see words like crackdown. We'll see. We'll see some really aggressive language, but You know, Look up. Forget that A lot of these lawmakers are also fighting with these big tech leaders. They finance their campaign. I mean, they go to the same dinner parties, you know, So is it really going to be a cracked up? I don't think so. It's going to be something a lot more. Um, a lot of political in nature. You know, when you when you really kind of looking at the end of the day, um, Historically, we've kind of seen Facebook and Zuckerberg really sort of came to the to the demands and desires of whichever government they're talking to. And sometimes the results from that have been truly terrible and truly horrific. Um, you know, but but looking to what we've seen from Europe, I mean, so far, it's just been a lot of, you know, kind of strong conversations Solid by. Okay, we'll pay a fine and and move forward. Um, to see something substantive play out is going to be really, really nice. I'll believe it when I see Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell standing together at a podium, saying, We are going to announce today there is getting legislation and moving forward with Cracking down on big tech and eliminating the protection they have under section 2 30. Oh, my God, It's not going to help free delivery like Nope. Not going to happen in your lifetime, either Adam and you're younger than me. Adam, Missouri. It's always great having you on good insight into all of this. You stay well, We need to hear your voice. Okay? Can have a great week. See, the thing is Nobody passes. Anything in Washington that even approaches a compromise. Look what happened with the infrastructure bill this week, right? Have Rob Portman struck now with some of his Republican colleagues behind the president of the United States..

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