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The back. All right now that we have some time. What do you want to do seven minutes in heaven? How about this? Why don't I ask you questions about science? How? Would you wanna do with our alone dime? Marriage News. All right for this week's bell brains. That's what we're going to be talking about. Is Science so are you ready? Never never ever for science never ever for science, but this isn't the hardest science ever okay. First question. What's the center of an atom called? Oh, my gosh. To Center of an atom. And Adam that it's a cell right. Is Not a cell. In the body right, an atom is everything. Oh. Everything is composed of atoms. How many guesses joy get! I, mean you can have three fine. A pair say. To Center of an atom. Center of an atom I mean aren't Adams tightening? Yep they sure are. Gosh the center of an atom. Bacteria and no. Dang! Of An atom. Neutron Whoa, that's really close, but that is not a ding it. A neutron is contained in the in the center of an atom. But at the center of the atom is called. Do you WanNa Guess Proton That's also contained in the center of the atom. In the center of the atom is called the nucleus. I knew that. Did you, but did you really? Okay question number two. What type of scientists study flowers and plants? Play dollars just. Not a flower, Allah. Gist. No. ECHO. Okay so those people are called ecologists, but that's not what they are. And they steady plants steady flowers implants Are they called Bryan Danielson. Do. You give up. Oh, my Gosh! Sweet days. Yes, I give up, okay. They are botanists. Oh my Gosh! I knew that you didn't know that I know that you knew that I knew that you knew that because we're kind of makes me giggle. Sounds like a colt or something, but I love it. Okay, final question the easiest question I probably should've asked us when I give you a little bit of of courage hope yeah. What instrument does the scientist used to look at very small objects a microscope? You. Wanted a microscope and actually by telescope? Yeah, I do remember that I tell people that story all the time. Although I was just thinking about this the other day is that how where a telescope ends is where microscope begins, and it's just one giant continuum. So what you're saying is actually did get you a microscope. No you did not. Microscope has a very. Specific thing and you got me the opposite thing. Next Christmas okay. I'm going to get Nicole. CHEATER.

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