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To really get to the bottom of things they want to change at the top today in ottawa the assembly of first nations special meeting indigenous leaders voted in favour of the resignation of the chief commissioner of the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls it's not the first col from marion bowlers exit many of said they've lost faith in the process and within the inquiry itself there's been a significant loss of staff sheila north wilson is the grand chief of the manitoba key way to now we owe key macinacco we reached her in ottawa grandkids north wilson could i start by asking how you voted on this motion requesting that the chief commissioner reside i i will vote i left before voting actually it on purpose you you purposely didn't want to vote corporal they call on koa carl kobo on volvo car or will uphold the it will allow or quote hollow alqoma part of her paul father bob hartley will how um commissioner bowler handled it afterwards than set that even if it had passed she wouldn't have stepped down anyway and so i don't think she respects this process i said what i had to and i and i did what i did um i leading up to it and i wanted to you know other people to take up a call if they wanted to so so you didn't vote had you voted which way wouldn't have gone well absolutely i would have voted yes to have i'll be forced to resign then i did in my heart and in my mind why why do you think this inquiry would be better without mariam bullet she's a very intelligent woman and i don't question that at all in the fa i don't even questioned her intention in wanting to help in this situation but she leads with her head and her knowledge more than she leaves with her heart and that's not what's this inquiry needs this enquiring need someone that has hashian on this subject uh but also compassion of course first of all for.

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