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And any in and out burger and then and then when you go to go to road america you got all kinds of good stuff there as well you know it just pretty special in their own way corner here called the sinkhole what goes along with the corvettes getting lost in the museum interesting call but it is literally seventy five foot drop very much like the look on the second quarter and just drops away you can't the payment where you're going and it just actually takes the car and pulls the car through there like just like you wanted to do gritted exciting off camera stuff for twenty four corners here it took me i was lost for about the first few minutes trying to memorize what the track is so it's really challenging fun place we're looking forward to get going here and just be mad at bernie well what's what's the strategy today who starting out for you bob one of our is very star drivers down here at ncnb tunnel lamps down here and then we'll be getting in the car next to last night i'll do the third stint today and tomorrow and then jeff are closer will be in for the last two hours so we're looking to do three stops with regards changes and that's what her strategies for you basically go two hours of peace bernie it's getting hot here already to up there he asked be ninety five humid it's crazy and then normally when it gets hot like this they shorten the driver stands but this is a championship so they're not changing anything so the guys plenty of water and drink miles and we've got the cool suits going yeah everybody's already drink a case of water say by the time you get in and start drinking water it's too late you need start that last yeah you we had i forgot the coffee this morning one right for water there you go by a lot of cars here deals with a lot of opportunities for passing there's a lot faster cars obviously so you gotta watch what's funny and wants to the game a special decals all the championship contenders so the the people that aren't involved know who's either behind her in front of you so hopefully be clean day.

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