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Really fm this is upgrade episode one hundred eighty eight today show is brought to you by lynyrd ping them and slack my name is mike kelly and i'm joined by mr jason snow hello is no hello carla how are you i'm very well we have a hashtag snow told question this week from listener bryan bryan wants to know jason why do you keep your iphone in the kitchen as you mentioned you leave it f achieve challenging when you sleep in the bedroom why is your iphone in the bedroom movie i turn this around and say why would why would i bring my phone into the bedroom of any reason so many reasons allows elmer gency telephone calls there are so many reasons alarms i use my apple watch when i have an alarm set i don't use the phone because the i find the apple watch a better alarm device late i'm late night phone calls emergency phone calls well that is a world view that i'm going to leave my phone right next to my ear in case somebody who actually is supposed to call i do not disturb on quite frankly so i if that emergency phone call is not making it through but it's like emergency phone calls from a family member and you have like the do not disturb things set in such a way right that it's like multi shores of innocent period of time okay okay so my house is not that big it's all on one level you've been you've been in my house my house is not that big i can hear my phone if something breaks through do not disturb i can hear it just fine from where i where i am it's never happened.

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