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Enclosure in the grade one as Gordon springs his own surprise, sorry to burleigh, bounces back to his absolute best to beat flooring Porter pulling 20 links clear of champ with Tom hill back in 5th. I thought Danny had this and then flooring Porter goes for there's no rail there at that final hurdle and he goes, thanks very much. And Danny has to try and correct him and you're pointing out in one of the reviews of gelatin. You watch how Danny controls flooring Porter with the extra length of rain. He just, on this occasion, foreign reporter didn't help him. But it was some performance from Gordon Elliott to get Sarah to berley back to his best and another terrific ride from Mark Walsh. Yeah, I thought it was probably the training performance of the week. To get him back. I mean, he was well fancied for the attempts, which went into the great farm. Rob James rolled him there and he probably just didn't get to run of the race. He got a bit messed about a bit in the pretends and rob James kind of just set up them and didn't knock him about and still cardinal. There's no one better again. And had them write for a red one. And I thought it was a superb train performance. And I told you a terrific watch. He had the blinkers on him again. And it on the trick this time. And I told flooring Porter ran a very good race. I actually rolled in that race. I taught so important to run a good race. I taught animals to get them about right. But I think the effects of the winning the world hurdle the custom. And it was very hard for her to learn. I think John Bond was the only one that kind of backed up, you know, you could say if you say it had a hard race and also done very well to battle back from the other day. I don't think the rail and all of that cost Danny. I think it's not a prior to barley everyone's not going off in the end. Yeah, he did to be fair. It was risk of assured his inquiry and it was all it was all okay. And started Berlin was always keeping that race. We will talk about a stewards inquiry though. There was a bit more controversial in a second. The other great one on was a bit of a shock. Edward stone, who had taken all before him for Alan King, including the Oracle, was sent off long odds on favorite and get ends up getting absolutely smashed. Again, Mark Walsh having a tremendous day with gentlemen to me who I know he'd been touted for cheltenham, but this was, was this a case of Edward stone disappointing or gentlemen to me just being way too good? I think it was, look, Edward song ran and you know, he won the article and he was impressive. But look, again, it's like any heart that one runs a child and it's very hard to it's very hard to back it up, you know? There are two clothes together. There's only a couple of weeks in the difference. And even though he won well, I just felt the meal a bit. You have been trained for and then Andrew afterwards. And now in sand, I tossed gentlemen the gate was very good here today. I think he's a very good horse. I think he's a very good horse and he's a very good ride. Control it from the front got him into a jump and rhythm. You can see America never panicked. When Tom Kalin on Edward stone kind of arrived up on his outside marriages didn't panic he kept taking him back. He kept giving him a breeder. You know, he's a forward going hard. So he's hired on himself. But John well, and he just had the edge. I mean, he had the inner and he had the edge, he was fresh into entry, you know, they skipped the entry with him. And you know, I did hear Willie's make a statement afterwards so that, you know, he was considering the champion chairs from next year. So you must think that he's that kind of artist and most of that kind of ability. I think he has a huge engine, but I just think he's a bit difficult. He wears a hood to. The belt. So he's clearly asked what a huge engine is nervy. You know, he needs to relax. And I taught at the highest level.

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