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Defense really didn't pay much attention to although the defense had been decent over last couple of years in a little underrated round five below nichols defensive lineman out of delaware joe flacco alma mater their kyle fit edge rusher i do know him from utah wanna kyle whittingham's guys and giovanni williams wide receiver georgia around seven overall chicago bears a kenny i love what they did in the draft again i think roquan smith is going to be an all pro for years dignam anthony miller where they got him in the second round slop player catches the football at its highest point ninety four receptions over fourteen hundred yards riley ferguson he's a game or jump on as well he's a guy don't be shocked he's going to be a guy that i think is gonna come in and start immediately and l throw one more on there that didn't get drafted jimmy cobb's that they signed as a free agent chicago with the off season and the draft overall got an eight plus age a in my opinion solid dress by the bears i think they got guys that are going to be elite talents for years to come that's a great i do not know how simmie cobbs from indiana did not get drafted i think these kids going to not only be you know somebody that they ended up keeping but somebody that pays dividends big time like you said as well minnesota vikings round one to grab mike hughes cornerback central florida round to brian o'neill offensive tackle out of pitt round two they also had another second round pick and jalen homes defensive end out of ohio state tyler conklin in the fifth round tight end at a central michigan had another fifth round pick in daniel carlson kick her out of auburn we know how good he was for the tigers colby gossett guard at a app state when round six along with audio ruina edge rusher at a two lane devante downs linebacker at a cow in the seventh round not a bad draft from minnesota you like it.

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